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The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 21: Favorites

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The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 21 – Quick Summary

In The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 21, “The Lawless City,” Shadow Garden is concerned at the emergence of the Red Moon. It’s a symbol of doom; a harbinger of destruction. Many, like Alpha and Beta, plan to take immediate action. That is, until Lord Shadow spoke. He said he would handle it – alone. All of Shadow Garden felt impressed. But was he motivated by a desire for fame? Money? Or just the chance to utter some cool lines?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 21

The Eminence in Shadow Season 1 Episode 1: Cid still doesn't believe Shadow Garden is doing anything but pretend along with him

Does season 2 maintain the spirit of season 1? Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

I had to wonder: would season 2 capture the spirit of the first season? The spirit that had me glued to the screen in delight, week after week? Would Cid be Cid? Alpha be Alpha? Beta be Beta?

The episode started with an up-close and personal shot of Delta running up a mountain. Her stamina impresses me. We see the moon stained red, as if by blood. We see Shadow Garden scheming, only to have Cid interrupt with accidentally cool lines. Shadow Garden, from the least to Alpha, knelt on one knee to acknowledge his greatness.

So far, so good.

Then, I got my answer. Clear, unambiguous – like a sign from on high. Watching the women go on about the moon and his plans, Cid thought (03:20), “Get these girls involved, and the legendary Red Moon comes to life in the blink of an eye. Seriously, their ad-libbing skills are totally worthy of an Academy award.”

Yep. It’s back. And it picked up right where it left off!

Favorite Moment from The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 21

The Eminence in Shadow Season 1 Episode 1: Mary made a splashy entrance

She had him at “ancient.” Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

Setup: Back – But as Good as Before?

The episode spent the first half saying, “Yeah, we got this – see?” Then it spent the second half saying, “Hold my beer.” Man, I missed this show!

But it’s back.

My favorite moment is a perfect encapsulation of Cid. It laid bare his deepest drives. In that moment, we saw his naked soul. And, boy oh boy, but is he a quintessential chuuni! I thought Rikka was the poster child. She was a rank amateur compared to Cid! Which, now that I think about it, might actually be a good thing, since Rikka doesn’t have the power to freaking bend reality to match her delusions.

Cid was out and about in the Lawless City, avoiding Claire (of course). He had been helping himself to the local collectables (okay, he was stealing cash from folks – but they stole from him first!) when the Red Moon unleashed its power. The low-power ghouls were suddenly wildly dangerous. They began chowing down on everyone.

The Eminence in Shadow Season 1 Episode 1: Cid was minding his own business when ghouls attacked

Cid wasn’t sure what to think when the magic flare started. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

Cid looked like a kid in a candy store. He even dropped his loot! You could see his mental gears turning as he considered what coolness he could make from this scene. Then, just as two ghouls had come up to his grinning self, just as he was expressing his excitement about being in a zombie apocalypse, Mary struck. In an instant, the two ghouls lay in pieces on the ground.

Was Cid startled? Of course not! This is Cid. But he did casually ask who she was.

Delivery: Cid and the Hitherto Unknown Chuuni-gasm

“I am Mary,” she said (12:02), her voice dripping with mystery. “The ancient vampire hunter.”

Cid could not believe his ears. “Ancient?” he repeated, like a kid who had just seen his favoritist thing ever multiplied by 10.

“Run, if you value your life,” she added.

Unable to handle the coolness, all Cid could do was repeat her lines. His favoritist thing had brought its friends. “The frenzy has begun,” she added, which CId repeated.

As if that were not enough, she added, still in that intense, mysterious voice (12:19), “The moon is red. We are out of time.”

The Eminence in Shadow Season 1 Episode 1: Mary uttered quality chuuni lines

I have a feeling Mary’s going to be interesting. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

She left him alone, going, no doubt, to do amazingly cool things. She left Cid in a state of rapture beyond rapture. He might have been in love. He might have been in heaven. Or, he might just have had a chuuni-gasm. Whatever it was, he spent the rest of the episode setting up scenarios where Lord Shadow could repeat all of her lines to everyone who would listen.

This is Eminence in Shadow. This is peak Cid. And I haven’t had this much fun with an opening episode for a long time!

What did you think of the plight of Cid’s poor classmates? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 21: Favorites

  1. Delta’s “stamina” is impressive!

    This episode was great and like you, I loved the moment he met Mary and just parroted everything she said. Then, he took it and ran with it. Cid is hilarious.

    Interestingly enough, Po Tato and Skel Eton weren’t in this section of the manga at all. I did like their addition though. They have some great moments.

  2. “Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. —Jim Jarmusch” —Cid Kagenou

  3. I love this show. Everything from how everyone checks their BO the moment Cid says, “I can smell it,” to the ongoing plight of Cid’s debt-ridden classmate in the background, to Cid’s complete theft of Mary’s lines, to the entire setup with Cid and Claire and now Claire is teamed up with Mary because of a misunderstanding, to the introduction of three new, powerful characters who will no doubt be humbled before long… it’s a wonderful madhouse here, and I’m totally on board! 🙂

    1. Isn’t it great the effort this series puts into setting up those things? It’s as much fun to watch those things get set up as it is to watch them come to fruition!

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