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The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 10 Review – Best In Show

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The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 10 Review – Quick Summary

In The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 10, “Let’s Go to the Hot Springs,” Elna Stongs made an announcement in class: They were going to a hot springs! The trip would go through monster-infested territory, so it was also educational. On the way, Emma Brightness expressed how much she looked forward to the spring water softening her skin. That’s when Noir Starga suggested it might be a good idea for her to stay out. Noir knew his male classmates too well!

However, Emma said it would be fine because she felt confident Noir would protect her. When all of the women in the class said they trusted him, too, Noir found himself in an impossible position. The males in the class, led by Hjorth Boyle, had a plan, and it put Noir between them and satisfying their lust. Noir has met a lot of challenges, but is he up to this one? Is there enough LP in the world to stand up to his male classmates? And if he fails, what will Emma think of him?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 10

Of course the new transfer student would sit beside Noir. Where else would she sit? What’s astonishing is that Emma didn’t show any jealously at all. Guess she’s confident in her relationship with Noir — or open to the harem-ness of it all! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I appreciate a series that knows and embraces what it is. I’m pretty sure none of us would call The Hidden Dungeon a work of high literature. Fortunately, it doesn’t pretend to be. Instead, it leans into its ecchi harem roots, and that’s part of what makes it fun.

Take the opening scenes from this episode, for example. Remember Leila Overlock from the previous episode? Well, the writer wanted to bring her into this episode. Turns out there a perfect trope for that, and it’s called New Transfer Student.

Elna noticed that Leila and Noir seemed to know each other. So, showing a delightful level of awareness that she was acting out a trope, Elna said (00:55), “Then I guess you can sit next to Noir. That’s how these things work.”

It gave the scene a nice touch of levity.

Best in Show Moment for The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 10

Noir did what he had to do. Emma’s expression of confidence played no small part! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Will Noir Stand Up for Emma?

The quote “My LP easily surpassed 10,000 that night” sorely tempted me to name it my best moment. But then I considered how I’d go about explaining the setup, and, well, Elna convinced me that’s closer to the mature content line than I wanted to walk. I mean, I’d have to compare and contrast Elna’s contribution in this episode to her contribution in episode 3, and, well, I chickened out.

Instead, my favorite moment came when Noir reclaimed my respect as a truly wholesome harem main character. Now, to do such a thing, Noir had to face some serious temptation, because I’d begun to doubt him after episode 8. The temptation in this episode came in two waves.

The first was started when Emma brightly (and loudly!) declared that “Noir will protect us,” meaning the women folk. All of the other girls chimed in, too, and based on their expressions, they really thought Noir was going to help them. Even Maria Fiana Albert seemed completely at ease with the idea.

I get that the other boys expected Noir to help them. But, look at Emma’s smile! There is no way Noir would disappoint that smile! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I don’t want to downplay the uplifting force exerted by that many feminine smiles, but on the other side of the equation, every single one of Noir’s male classmates were pretty much ready to murder him. That’s a kind of pressure, too! Plus, I’m sure Noir wasn’t immune to the idea of peeking at the women in the bath.

So, what would Noir decide to do?

Delivery: The Last Temptation of Noir

The Second Wave

The second wave came after the boys actually launched their attack. They wore hoods to conceal themselves (as if that would help!). When they offered one to Noir, he hesitated. This wasn’t the moment of temptation, because he’d already made up his mind to protect Emma. He refused, and they rushed him.

He ran for it. I’m still not sure why he ran towards the hot springs. I’d say it was because he was disoriented, but I suspect it was for Reasons of Plot. They’d almost caught him when Elna stepped out and erected an earthen wall. At this point, I was afraid that she’d accuse Noir of being in on the peeping plot, and at first, she seemed suspicious. Gotta say I was happy she bought his explanation. I really hate it when a character goes to huge trouble to help someone then gets blamed for the opposite.

For a terrible second, I thought she was going to blame Noir. Fortunately, the show decided to go in another direction. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Anyway. The boys weren’t done. They tried to run around the wall, but Elna and Noir teamed up to use stone and earthen bullets to knock them down. That seemed to work until Hjorth rose and actually pushed Elna back. Turns out that Hjorth spent his entire life’s savings on potions to make himself strong enough to realize his dream. And what was that dream? Of course, it was to peep on his classmates. That’s when he tempted Noir with “the dream!”

Noir Did What He Had to — for Emma!

His speech was pretty persuasive in a way that only anime “Young Men Aspire to Peep at Young Women” speeches can be. Even Elna had to respect that. But Noir’s reaction earned him my Best in Show moment award. In spite of Hjorth’s enormous strength, Noir was willing to go head to head with him. The reason was simple.

He said (16:55), “I can’t hurt any girls’ feelings over our selfish desires! Naked girls are precious! Cheating to get a peek is despicable!”

The dude done good. I really think he believed what he said, and I don’t think he counted on events that would yield 10,000 LP! But he didn’t seem to complain, either!

What did you think of the duplicitous pixie? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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