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The Honor at Magic High School Episode 2 Review – Quick Summary

In The Honor at Magic High School Episode 2, “May I join you?“, Honoka Mitsui had been waiting to take her tests to get into Magic High School when she saw a stunning vision whose beauty was matched only by her raw magical power. Of course, Honoka had seen Miyuki Shiba, and once high school started, Honoka wanted more than anything to meet Miyuki. Unfortunately for Honoka, she tripped and fell over her own feet when she tried to introduce herself.

Fortunately for Honoka, she had a kind and understanding friend, Shizuku Kitayama, who tried to smooth things over. But she hadn’t needed to. Miyuki herself offered to help Honoka up. But that was the end of the good news, because the other Course 1 students decided that they didn’t like Miyuki talking to the scrum Course 2 students — which included Tatsuya Shiba. What can Honoka, a new student, do to prevent the school from descending to a civil war?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from The Honor at Magic High School Episode 2

The Honor at Magic High School Episode 2: Mayumi met her trolling match in Tatsuya!

I almost felt sorry for Mayumi! But then I remembered she’s a world-class troll! Capture from the Funimation stream.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the first episodes of the original series. The whole conflict between the “Blooms” and the “Weeds” was a great representation of the kind of cliques we’ve often experienced in schools. The baseless sense of superiority; the arrogance; the joy in belittling others.

Kind of reminds me of US politics…

Anyway, my favorite quote in this episode comes from Tatsuya. Do you remember the student council president Mayumi Saegusa? She’s attractive, she’s intelligent, and she’s powerful. Also, she’s a professional-grade troll. She tried to act as if she had met Tatsuya somewhere before, which sent Miyuki into a jealous tizzy. Seeing maybe she’d gone too far, she basically said “LOL jk.” But then she grabbed Tatsuya’s arm, pressed herself against him, and asked if their first meeting had the feel of destiny.

Tatsuya “Heart-Breaker” Shiba answered (17:01), “If this is destiny, then it’s not fate, but rather doom.”

If he’d said that to anyone except such a highly skilled troll, I would have felt sorry for her. But that won’t even slow Mayumi down!

Best in Show Moment for The Honor at Magic High School Episode 2

The Honor at Magic High School Episode 2: Honoka was glad she made Miyuki happy. She just didn't know why.

Honoka couldn’t believe her good fortunte! Capture from the Funimation stream.

Setup: Honoka Stumbling Attempts at Friendship (Literally!)

Ever since seeing the cool, polite, beautiful, and ridiculously power Miyuki during the tests to get into Magic High School, Honoka had wanted to become friends with her. Did she actually have a crush on Miyuki? Maybe! Shizuku seemed to think so, though she’s nearly as good a troll as Mayumi. And if Honoka did have a crush, I certainly couldn’t blame her.

Before class started, Honoka practiced introductory lines. She rejected one because it was too informal; the next because it was too formal. Shizuku wasn’t much help, because she didn’t really understand why Honoka got herself so worked up. But Shizuku did help in one very important way: She let Honoka know her idol was standing right behind her!

Miyuki obviously had gone through years of etiquette training, because being polite looks as natural to her as breathing. She didn’t wait for Honoka to try to make introductions. Miyuki introduced herself first. In Honoka’s excitement, she tripped over her own feet when she tried to shake Miyuki’s hand. Her face plant probably hurt her pride more than her face, but I’m pretty sure it hurt her face, too! Miyuki took pity on her and helped her to her feet. It looked like they were off to an amicable start!

The Honor at Magic High School Episode 2: Never let it be said that Honoka is coordinated.

That had to hurt… Capture from the Funimation stream.

But remember that Miyuki is polite by nature? I couldn’t tell if they were really friends, or if if Miyuki just planned to pal around with Honoka and Shizuku. That changed in my favorite moment in this episode.

Delivery: Honoka Becomes Miyuki’s Best Friend Forever!

After the jerky Course 1 students tried to bully Tatsuya into vacating a cafeteria table, Miyuki had to excuse herself to calm down. Though Tatsuya didn’t really care if some snob tried to bully him (I mean, Tatsuya is the magical equivalent of at least a nuclear aircraft carrier; this is before he went full battle group!). Still, it made Miyuki furious to see anyone disrespect her brother.

Honoka and Shizuku followed her. They, too, felt outraged at the condescending treatment, even though the two of them and Miyuki were in Course 1. Miyuki apologized when they caught up to her. She’s so polite that she apologized for simply walking out! Honoka, though, acted thoughtful.

“So, he’s a Course 2 student…” she said. Keep in mind that Honoka didn’t know Tatsuya’s name yet, and she certainly didn’t know he was Miyuki’s brother. You could see Miyuki’s defenses come up. Was her new friend about to criticize her brother, too?

The Honor at Magic High School Episode 2: Honoka had thought Tatsuya was a Course 1 student.

Miyuki’s defensiveness vanished when Honoka said she had thought the young man was a Course 1 student. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Nope. Honoka, the kind-hearted and almost hopelessly optimistic young woman who just wanted to be friends with the powerful and beautiful Miyuki, went on to say (07:52), “That’s weird. I was positive he was a Course 1 student… See, there was one other person besides you who caught my eye during the exams… So, you may have devastating magic power, Ms. Shiba, but it seems like he’s only using the bare minimum of his magic power… Anyway, it was such gorgeous magic!”

Miyuki grabbed both of Honoka’s hands and thanked her from the bottom of her heart. Now, it was official. They were best friends. And all because Honoka had seen Tatsuya as Miyuki sees him. Probably in more ways than one!

What do you think of how the episode presented Mayumi’s plan? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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