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The Honor at Magic High School Episode 3 Review – Quick Summary

In The Honor at Magic High School Episode 3, “The Girls’ Detective Club is here!,” Honoka Mitsui and Shizuku Kitayama ran into an unexpected problem. It was freshman rush week, when the older students tried to recruit the best freshmen for clubs. Miyuki Shiba’s position on the student council protected her, but someone had leaked the freshmen’s admission test scores. Having scored among the highest in their class, Honoka and Shizuku were in high — and uncomfortable — demand! Unable to escape the press of recruiters, they felt trapped. That was, Eimi Akechi showed up on horseback and rescued the two. Or was her rescue more of an advanced attempt at recruitment?

Meanwhile, Tatsuya Shiba, now on the Disciplinary Committee, broke up several fights. Some of those fights were among powerful and influential students. Was that why someone now seemed to be targeting Tatsuya, to the point of firing magical bullets at him? What will Miyuki do if she finds out?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from The Honor at Magic High School Episode 3

The Honor at Magic High School Episode 3: Honoka and Shizuku almost felt sorry for Tatsuya's attacker

Honoka and Shizuku realized what would happen if Miyuki found out someone had tried to hurt Tatsuya. It kind of freaked them out. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Many series make it hard for me to suspend disbelief during moments of situational comedy. For example, lots of Rosario + Vampire’s humor hinged on the girls other than Moka Akashiya not realizing that Tsukune Aono was a human. Are monsters that unobservant? The humor would have worked better if there had been a reason they couldn’t tell.

This episode could have gone the same route with Honoka, Shizuku, and Eimi deciding to investigate who was trying to hurt Tatsuya without asking for Miyuki’s help. After all, Miyuki is one of the most powerful magicians in the school. Excluding her would need a solid, logical reason.

Well, they had one. After seeing Miyuki almost encase a handful of bullies in ice — they’d been dumb enough to disparage the “Weeds,” one of which was her brother, in Miyuki’s earshot — it was clear that when it came to her brother, Miyuki had a short fuse on her temper.

Shizuku said (15:34), “If she finds out Tatsuya was attacked, who knows what she’ll do?”

Remembering the morning’s incident, Honoka said (15:40), “Look what she did just because someone bad-mouthed him! Can you imagine what’ll become of this culprit?”

Yeah, I’d say that’s a good enough reason! Also, the music in this scene helped sell the comedy.

Best in Show Moment for The Honor at Magic High School Episode 3

The Honor at Magic High School Episode 3: Mayumi went into full troll mode

Their conjecture about how Miyuki would punish Tatsuya seemed a little like wish fulfillment. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Setup: Background Reactions Can Also Make or Break a Moment

When I presented my favorite quote (above), I mentioned preparing an audience (okay, preparing me) for comedy is hard. Unless I am so into a show that I don’t care, I don’t like inconsistencies between comedic moments and dramatic moments. Both have to feel like they’re cut from the same cloth.

One thing that bothered me a little about the original series The Irregular at Magic High School was how the other characters reacted to Miyuki when she obviously lavished affection on her brother. Putting aside my perception that Japanese culture seems reserved when it comes to emotional expressions (I’ve never been there, so I only know through its literature), within the context of this show, no other characters gush like that. Wouldn’t others take more notice?

Okay, in this episode, Honoka broke out in a nose bleed at the sight of Miyuki in lingerie. But that’s the exception that proves the rule: Shizuku commented about it, and it was clear Honoka felt embarrassed.

The Honor at Magic High School Episode 3: Honoka might have a thing for Miyuki

Eimi has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Well, in this episode, The Honor at Magic High School addressed my concerns. Even better, they made me laugh at what they did.

Tatsuya came into the student council’s office and tried to hide that he’d been attacked. Miyuki, though, could somehow tell. She said it was sister’s intuition. It should be noticed that she said this as she stood centimeters away from Tatsuya, and the adoring look on her face was decidedly more than sisterly concern.

Delivery: Mayumi’s Trolls Skills on Full Display

In a world packed with powerful, talented, and beautiful women magicians, Mayumi Saegusa stands out. She’s whip-smart, she’s politically connected, and she’s a world-class troll. Beside her stood Suzune Ichihara and Azusa Nakajou. Hearing Miyuki talking to Tatsuya, Mayumi wondered if sister’s intuition was really a thing. Suzune theorized that Miyuki might really mean a woman’s intuition. Poor Azusa, who was younger than the other two, felt completely embarrassed by the situation.

Miyuki, oblivious to their conversation, went on to say how worried she’d been, prompting Tatsuya to touch her face and tell her not to worry. He promised to keep her better informed in the future. Which was too much for the troll in Mayumi, who had a willing partner in Suzue.

“f you break that promise, I’ll have to punish you, Brother,” Mayumi said, pretending to be Miyuki (13:58).

The Honor at Magic High School Episode 3: Mayumi found an accomplice in Suzune

Of course, Mayumi started it. Capture from the Funimation stream.

“You don’t have to remind me, Miyuki,” Suzue said, placing her hand on Mayumi’s check just as Tatsuya had done to Miyuki. Azusa squealed in a combination of horror and intrigue.

This was the perfect way to punctuate the scene. Miyuki’s dedication to Tatsuya makes me capitalize BroCon when i refer to her. She’s raised it to the level of art, but something that obvious would have to provoke a reaction. It was great seeing that’s just what it did.

What did you think of Honoka’s use of optical magic? What did you like about the episode? Let me know in the comments!

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