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The Honor at Magic High School Episode 7 Review – Quick Summary

In The Honor at Magic High School Episode 7, “Arithmetic Chain,” Shizuku Kitayama breezed through the Speed Shooting qualifying round for rookies. Her competition, Shiori Kanou from Third High, likewise breezed through her qualifying round, with one major difference: Shiori’s skill was such that Honoka Mitsui couldn’t even understand how Shiori had it. Will Shizuku be able to counter such a formidable technique? Honoka didn’t have time to contemplate that, because her own event fast approached. She didn’t have Shizuku’s raw magic power. Is there any chance she’ll even qualify? Or will she embarrass herself in front of Tatsuya Shiba and his sister, Miyuki Shiba?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from The Honor at Magic High School Episode 7

Mari is apparently not a fan of false modesty. Capture from the Funimation stream.

You’ve gotten past the spoiler alert, so I think it’s okay if I say who won the match between Shizuku and Shiori. It was Shizuku, leveraging Tatsuya’s amazing CAD engineering skills. It was an interesting tactic: They pretended that they’d used a lesser capability CAD, and Third High had believed the feint and had based their strategy on it.

On top of that, Tatsuya had created a special spell, designed to take advantage of Shizuku’s unique skills. It had been so effective and so novel that Tatsuya had registered it in the official  book of spells. Apparently, that’s a very prestigious thing. 

However, he had registered it under Shizuku’s name, meaning she’d get credit for it. We viewers know Tatsuya likely did that to maintain a low profile. But Mari Watanabe thought he was flaunting his skills. “Being overmodest can sound like sarcasm, you know,” she said (12:24) in an admonishing tone. He’d been ready for that; he said he’d be embarrassed to register a spell he couldn’t even use! But I thought Mari’s concern sounded authentic, and I felt like it hit a bit close to home (me saying how much I suck all the time and all). Since it made me self-conscious, I figured I’d make it my favorite quote!

Best in Show Moment for The Honor at Magic High School Episode 7

Two women shared the same experience but came away with difference perspectives. Now, they’ve come together. That’s cool! Capture from the Funimation stream.

Setup: I Generally Dislike Intra-Competition Flashbacks…

As Shizuku stepped up to face off against Shiori, I actually felt excited. I wanted to see how Shizuku did. I know she’s powerful, and I know she’s capable. What I didn’t know was how well she could compete against Shiori. Shiori’s Arithmetic Chain is the episode’s title, after all. That’s gotta mean Shiori’s something special!

Yes, I saw the original series, but I told myself to forget that temporarily. But not forget everything, because then this series wouldn’t make sense. But I digress.

I felt my excitement die almost as quickly as it had started when I saw that Shiori had a back-story. Worse, the episode was going to stop the competition to show it to us via flashback! In my notes, I actually wrote, “Sigh.”

The story was super sad. Shiori’s family had somehow lost their status. Her mom and dad bickered all the time. What we could see of Shiori showed a little girl covered in bandages — maybe suggesting she’d been abused?

Seems like Shiori had a terrible childhood. So many bandages… Capture from the Funimation stream.

Fast forward to maybe middle-school? She had to fence against Airi Isshiki. We know that Airi is from one of the families at the top of the social pyramid. Further, we know that Air is talented and diligent. So it came as no surprise that Airi handily defeated Shiori. At least, that’s how Shiori saw it. 

What Shiori didn’t expect was for Airi to offer to be her friend. Shiori had almost struck Airi, and that was a new experience for her. Airi told Shiori that if she stuck with her, Shiori could realize new heights of achievement. Shiori interpreted that to be that if she performed well and brought fame to Airi’s family, Airi would let Shiori stay near her.

Delivery: …Because They Too Often Don’t Work!

That was apparently not how Airi saw it.

Shizuku won the game against Shiori, in part because of her own talent and skill and in part because the Magic God Tatsuya had smiled upon her and had granted her a ridiculously capable CAD. Shiori retreated into a devastated emotional shell. She even said she was going to withdraw from the competition.

Airi gave her multiple chances to change her mind. Shiori felt like because she’d failed Airi, it was all over. So she remained steadfast that she was going to quit. Airi gave her one last ultimatum — show up at the meeting the next morning at 6:00AM or else — and stormed off. Shiori interpreted that as the end of the line.

Airi didn’t want to replace Shiori. She didn’t want Shiori to be okay with being replaced! But position and pride carry their own burdens. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Saho Mizuo, another Third High student, visited Shiori that night. No, she told Shiori, Airi hadn’t been humoring her as a pet magician. Airi had seen Shiori as the first woman with whom she could share a friendly rivalry. As a member of a top family, Airi had been lonely, so helping Shiori hadn’t been a one-sided act. Airi got as much out of it as Shiori did.

The next day, at the entrance to their team’s tent, Airi looked up from looking at the picture of herself and Shiori from back when they’d fenced. “You’re late,” Airi said (21:66).

Shiori’s phone showed the same photo as she said, “I’m sorry to make you worry.”

I know it’s corny. I know it borders on cliche. But I thought that moment was beautiful. 

What did you think of Honoka’s competition? What were your favorite moments from the episode? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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