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The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 Episode 11: Favorites

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The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 Episode 11 – Quick Summary

In The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 Episode 11, “Ancient City of Insurrection Part III,” Tatsuya and Miyuki began reconnaissance in the area around the thesis competition. They had friends: Erika, Minami, Leonhart, Mikihiko, and even Minoru Kudou helped them. But over the entire effort hung the recent murder of Saburou Nakura and Mayumi Saegusa’s request that Tatsuya help her track down the killer. Will Tatsuya help? Will that hinder his mission against Gongjin Zhou? And what other tricks does Maya have in store for Tatsuya?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 Episode 11

The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 Episode 11: Minoru impressed the heck out of Erika.

Erika just came out and spoke her mind! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I’ve made no secret that Erika is one of my favorite characters. Not only is she whip-smart, brutally strong, commendably loyal, bluntly honest, and seriously attractive, but, well, I guess that’s enough. 

My favorite quote from this episode is an example of “bluntly honest.”

They were getting ready to sweep the area when Minoru joined the group. Apparently, he’s considered attractive, because we got string-heavy music and flowers illustrated all around him. Lots of pastel colors, too.

Everyone except Tatsuya and Miyuki stopped and stared. Minoru seemed to enjoy the attention. At least, I hope he did, because Erika came out and said (12:35), “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe someone else as drop-dead gorgeous as Miyuki existed!”

I appreciate her honesty.

Favorite Moment from The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 Episode 11

The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 Episode 11: Tadanori reported to Maya

Tadanori seems to suspect that Maya is beginning to see Tatsuya as family, and not just a tool. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Maya’s Shifting Perspective

Speaking of characters that that I make no secret I’m fond of… let’s talk about Maya. I’ve seen an interesting progression of her opinion of Tatsuya in this season. In previous seasons, I had the impression she regarded him as a dangerous but probably essential protector for Miyuki. But in this season, her attitude seems to be changing.

Remember back in episode 3 where she seemed like she was about to smite Tatsuya? I’m not convinced she could now, seeing how Tatsuya himself continues to improve. But she pulled her punch. Tatsuya even commented on that.

In this episode, we saw again how her feelings towards Tatsuya seem to be complicated. We know this because of the loyal and brave support Maya gets from Tadanori Hayama. From all outward signs, he’s her butler. In some traditions, butlers are trusted confidants, and that appears to be the case here. 

Tadanori was honest was Maya

Tadanori reported his findings to Maya. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

She interrogated him about his interactions with Tatsuya. Specifically, she asked why he didn’t test Tatsuya’s obedience. He replied that given what he understood of her goals for Tatsuya, he didn’t think such an approach would work. Trying to brush aside  his insight, she said she really didn’t have anything as grand as a goal.

Delivery: Does Maya See Tatsuya as Family Now?

Tadanori is obviously astute. He wasn’t having any of her BS. In one final attempt to brush aside his insights, she said this had nothing to do with him being her nephew. She only wanted to make sure her family didn’t alienate Tatsuya.

Did you hear her inner tsundere come alive? I didn’t know she had that trait! And now that I do, I’m intrigued! 

My favorite moment starts with Tadanori’s response and Maya’s reaction. Tadanori said (09:26), “I believe that ‘Because he’s my blood-related nephew’ would be a sufficient reason.”

She tried to take him to task. He even apologized. But when she looked away, she was blushing. I think she’s actually starting to see Tatsuya as part of the family – truly seeing him as her nephew. This doesn’t at all diminish her plan for him to protect Miyuki. In fact, I’m beginning to think her assessment of Tatsuya’s performance in that regard is warming her impression of him overall. 

The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 Episode 11: Does Maya see Tatsuya as a nephew now -- and not just a tool?

What’s the blush for? Is she worried that seeing Tatsuya as family will skew her judgment? Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I like how this humanizes Maya. From a purely tactical perspective, I can’t help but realize that the Yotsuba family with Maya is powerful. The Yotsuba family with Maya plus Tatsuya and Miyuki’s willing and enthusiastic support is a force to be reckoned with – on a planetary level. If that’s the kind of thing that appeals to Maya, it’s no wonder she blushed.

What did you think of the fight between the Traditionalists and Leonhart, Mikihiko, and Erika? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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