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19 thoughts on “The ‘Make it Anime’ Tag!

  1. Children of Time sounds like a whole lot of fun in anime form. I’ve heard of it, but haven’t read it. (I wish I were still reading SF regularly, but I buy all my books in bookshops, I don’t buy translations [I’m Austrian], and ever since the internet took over much of the book sales, importers buy fewer books than they used to (everyone buys special interest stuff online anyway). SF magazines criculate almost exclusively through subscriptions, too, these days, so I’m mostly out of the loop.

    When I heard uplifted jumping spider I squealed a little; sounds like fun. However, my heart also sank a little. They’re going to make a CGI show out of it, and it’s going to make me ill, and I won’t be able to watch it… I’m a bit grumpy lately. Never mind the grump in the corner. (Heh.)

    Night Watch was a great movie. I never saw Day Watch, though I always wanted to go see it. They’d definitely make a fun anime.

    I love Farscape, but the Henson work is such an integral part of the experience, that I don’t think I actually want an anime. It’d just not be the same for me, and I’d be comparing unfairly. (That’s why I almost never think of wanting a movie/series in anime form. Nightwatch works, because I can just see it as an alternate adaption of the books.)

    There’s quite a bit of SF I’d love to see in anime form, though. Neal Asher’s Polity universe comes to mind. I’d love to see a gabble duck animated.

    1. “They’re going to make a CGI show out of it,”

      I saw that! I wish I could get excited about it, because I’ve always loved science fiction and special effects. Well, until The Phantom Menace. Too much of a good thing, maybe? The shots of Naboo just looked, I don’t know, off.

      Do you remember Logan’s Run? Remember the fight between Logan and Francis in the old House of Representatives? Most of that was a mat painting, and for me, it represented the pinnacle of special effects shots.

      Huh. Looks like you’re going to have to make some room in that corner. My inner grump is starting to become an outer grump…

      “I love Farscape, but the Henson work is such an integral part of the experience, that I don’t think I actually want an anime.”

      That’s a good point — the animation would have to be right. I mean, really right!

      “Neal Asher’s Polity universe…”

      Can you recommend a good first good as a sampling? I’m always looking for new stuff to read! Thanks!

      1. @Neal Asher: I can’t, I’m afraid. I’ve only ever read one novel (Dark Intelligence, I think it was called), and a few assorted short stories here and there, so I don’t know much about the greater context. The stories are grimdark but with a fitting sense of humour. It’s about a future where AI run the show, and they’re alien – really alien. There’s a lot of technology, there are crab aliens who had a major war with the polity, and the characters tend to be outsiders from either side. It’s very camp; very pulpy, and good fun. But it should make for great visuals, which is what I based it on.

        While I was still reading SF regularly (I still read SF when I can get my hands on books, most recently the Three Body Problem trilogy), I always found SF was most alive in short fiction.

        I love Logan’s Run. Even as a kid, I thought Box was so goofy. And Peter Ustinov and his cats stole the show. The scenery’s great.

        That’s part of why I love Farscape so much. The Henson creature shop is exceptional at animating Aliens (from the Henson stuff like Labyrinth or Dark Crystal, to Yoda), and the masks took a good deal of inspiration from those, too.

        I’ve, in general, never done well with cartoons based on TV series/movies. Star Trek? Highlander? (I think the latter was even anime?) Generally not a fan.

  2. Farscape would make an excellent anime. The show had a lot of energy and really committed to being what it wanted to be. Thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

    1. I’m glad SciFi gave them budget to do The Peacekeeper Wars. It was such a perfect cap to the series.

      “But it feels better when I shoot!”

      1. I know. It was great how the brought everything together and gave the audience a satisfying conclusion. A lot of people haven’t heard of it or seen it but Farscape is a truly fantastic show to get into.

    1. iTunes had Farscape on sale. No, my self-control was not up to the task!

      Fifth Element would absolutely rock as anime! In fact, in the post Irina made on I Drink and Watch Anime (where she nominated me for the tag), she chose Fifth Element as her movie. Great minds and all!

      1. It just feels so much like an anime already, doesn’t it? I think it’s the mix of OTT and cyberpunk song that does it.

        Lol. Sales will do that!

  3. Lukyanenko!!! I would love seeing the “World of Watches” novel series as an anime. Supernatural fantasy horror in a contemporary Russia? Yes please!
    I find it funny I’m just seeing this tag and recently posted something similar. Didn’t even think of that series, but now? It would be amazing

    1. Really? Not even Farscape? Well, it’s on Amazon Prime if you have it; and I think iTunes has it, too. Honestly, it’s just like watching a live action anime at time! Most of the time, in fact.

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