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The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

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The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 7 Review – Quick Summary

In The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 episode 7, “Infinite Labyrinth,” Naofumi Iwatani regained consciousness to see a frantic Rishia kneeling over him. When he looked around, he saw that the two of them were alone in a prison cell. There was one bed mat, one heap of straw, and three stone walls to go with the prison bars. Where were Raphtalia and Filo? Who had placed them in the jail cell? How would they survive? And most importantly, how long would Rishia be able to suppress her scream reflex?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 7

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 7: Smol Raphtalia felt determined to protect Naofumi

Circumstances may have diminished her stature, but Raphtalia’s courage remained intact! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Traveling to another world imposed consequences on Naofumi, Rishia, and especially Raphtalia. That development made this episode feel more realistic, because it was a way for this world, in the sense of the Shield Hero’s home world compared to the world in which he found himself, to assert itself in a tangible way.

I said that it applied especially to Raphtalia because the transfer imposed the heaviest toll on her. Naofumi and Rishia both regressed to Level 1, but they kept their physical form. Raphtalia physically shrank! 

In fact, she was so small that wielding her sword was nearly impossible. It served the adult Raphtalia, who was obviously taller and much stronger. Stronger in body, at least. The travel-sized Raphtalia kept her courage and drive. She proved it in my favorite quote from this episode.

Raphtalia could tell Naofumi had doubts about how well she could fight with her diminished frame. “I m-may be back to Level 1, and I may be smaller,” she said, stammering and embarrassed (04:01). “But I’m still your sword!”

Maybe I’m just buying into the male fantasy of the leading lady pledging her loyalty, but I enjoy how dedicated Raphtalia is to Naofumi.

Best in Show Moment for The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 7

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 7: Kizuna felt joyful to share a meal with people again

Kizuna felt ecstatic to have people she could share her meal with. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Kizuna and Her Lonely Imprisonment

Two scenes vied for the title of my favorite this week. Both centered on Kizuna Kazeyama, who I found appealing from the moment we met her. I decided to talk about the earlier of the two scenes, because the first really setup the second almost as effectively as a volleyball player setting up a spike.

And now I want to watch Harukana Receive again.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 7: Kizuna did well maintaining her sanity

Kizuna had been alone so long I’m almost surprised she had maintained her manners and vocabulary. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

That aside, Kizuna struck me as a very sympathetic character. She told Naofumi, Rishia, and Raphtalia that she’d been there for so many years that she had lost count. That struck me. The idea of being alone for that much time felt like a crushing weight. That’s saying something, coming from someone like me who prefers to work alone and for whom working from home during COVID was pleasant and productive.

What she experienced had to go way beyond mere loneliness. I hate to be flippant, but I’ll say it anyway: this was advanced loneliness.

Delivery: The Joy of a Shared Meal

Naofumi, Rishia, and especially Raphtalia, were starving. Hearing Raphtalia’s stomach rumble, Kizuna offered to share a meal with them (12:21). How much that would mean to her struck me. She had eaten alone for years. How much must she be looking forward to sharing a meal with her new friends?

There was a moment of doubt when Naofumi said he wasn’t sure he wanted to eat with a friend of Glass – a woman who had tried to kill him and his friends. But once that was resolved, Naofumi even said he would cook for all of them.

The scene of them eating together did not take very long, but it had some heart-warming shots: Kizuna joyfully eating with her chopsticks; Raphtalia and Rishia not knowing what chopsticks were (13:58); even Raphtalia smiling happily to Naofumi as she stuffed her face. 

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 7: Raphtalia and Rishia did not know how to use chopsticks

Kizuna having originally come from his world must have inspired Naofumi, because he kept the meal Japanese-themed, right down to the utensils. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

We all bring our own experiences to scenes. How those experience affect us sometimes goes builds on the scene’s mere presentation to create a deeper appreciation. That’s what happened for me in this scene. I felt very happy for Kizuna as she shared her first communal meal in years, and I thought it was wonderful seeing her smile happily in this scene.

What did you think of their arrival into a new world? What were your favorite moments in this episode? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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