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Three Year Celebration: Top 10 Posts from the Past!

On August 5, 2015, I published my first post on Crow's World of Anime. It was my version of "What I'm currently watching," and it focused on Crunchyroll's lineup. I talked about Charlotte, which I still adore, and Classroom Crisis, which I only barely remember watching -- though Crunchyroll assures me that I finished it!

Needless to say, it's not one of my top 10 posts of the last three years! Though it was the first of about 380 (at last count...)

If you're a blogger, have you every written a post thinking, "Man! This is it! It's going to be a hit!" And then wonder why it doesn't take off? Or  written a post that you liked but didn't think would resonate -- only to find out it is wildly popular? Almost every one of my top 10 belong to the second category. I've since learned to accept the inevitable: I really don't know what anyone else likes, so my best chance for success is just to share what I love and hope for the best!

Serendipity is still a thing!

Here are the top 10 posts from Crow's World of Anime, counting down from number 10 to number 1,  since the dawn of time (which, for this blog, was August 5, 2015!):

Oh, and this doesn't count the home page. 

Show Orth off to Regu seemed to make Riko feel proud! Capture from the

Made in Abyss had a profound impact on me. Apparently, my esteemed readers seemed to enjoy at least one of my posts on the topic! I remember at the time that there was a lot of buzz about the Abyss' beauty, complexity, and danger, and I think this post probably benefited from that. The layout if one of my older styles, and I don't think it translates as well as it could, especially for mobile. Someday, I hope to get time to make more of the site mobile friendly.

Komatsu correctly remembered Selesia's phrase "Ajarakamokuren Kyuraisu!" That's impressive! Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

To this day, I'm disappointed that Re:CREATORS wasn't more popular. I was really into it: The concept was fascinating and the show stuck to it; the characters were interesting and a lot of fun to watch; and the music -- well, it's among my favorite soundtracks! The bonus episodes gave us a chance to meet some of the voice actors, and my coverage of one such review made my top ten! So even if no other Re:CREATORS episode made the top ten, at least the series got some representation! 

No, Siluca's not trying to eat Sistina. I assume this was done for dramatic effect. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Another special episode made my top 10, this one from Record of Grancrest War. Whereas the previous post got to see the voice actors but didn't really give us any information about the show itself, this episode of Record of Grancrest war was actually helpful. You may have heard the show moved pretty fast at times (okay, it was a dead sprint most of the time), so there wasn't a lot of time to give the audience information like, say, the location of the kingdoms and power relative to each other. This episode gave us all some much-needed perspective, and that's why I think it made my top 10.

Kamhi's tear made the horror of this scene all too real. Marrine's experience? Light years beyond what I can imagine. But Kamhi's pain drew me into the scene. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

One of the things I enjoyed about Record of Grancrest War was its depiction of politics. Sure, it often glossed over large swaths of details that might have been helpful to know, but when it decided to share with us, it was often dramatic and effective. This episode showed how Mirza Kooches out maneuvered Marrine Kreische to no one's real benefit. It also contrasted that relationship of convenience to the developing feelings between the two heroes, Theo Cornaro and  Siluca Meletes. That contrast was dramatically interesting, and I think my readers responded by sending this post into my top 10!

Umaru throws tantrums to make her brother do her bidding. It often works. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I've read several bloggers share that their lists generate more traffic than their usual reviews, and you know what? There's a lot to that. Two of my top ten are just that: Lists! And they're both lists of my favorite comedy series. I published this article on Christmas day, 2015 -- guess you can tell where my priorities are! But I'm thankful that so many readers enjoyed this post. I know I enjoyed writing it! This post is still generating attention, even after all this time.

Even thought I think KADO stumbled at the end, it aspired to greatness -- and that means a lot to me. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream of the last episode.

Oh, KADO! You seemed to be on such a unique and interesting trajectory! And then you succumbed to an terrible case of the mundanes! This post was my attempt to lay out what went wrong and how it could have been fixed. I'll say this: before it took the plunge, the show generated some great discussion. I also like that it aspired to greatness. That counts for something! 

This was almost all that's left of Haruka -- just a pixelated image. Capture from Crunchyroll's stream.

loved The Asterisk War. I know that some members of the anime elite look down on this show, but I like what I like, and I like this show. It seems that a healthy percentage of my readers like it, too, because it's one of my highest rated episode reviews! I'm thrilled that so many readers have taken the time to check out this post, which went live on October 24, 2015. So it's one of the earliest posts to rank in the top 10! 

Sakura's overreaction expression is part of this show's humor and charm. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I write most of my non-seasonal reviews between seasons. My second installment of the funny anime series came during just such a break in early January 2018. Like its predecessor, this post let me share more of my favorite comedy series, and I'm happy that many readers responded well to it! In fact, this post generated more than twice the reads as posts earlier in this list. I still don't really understand why some of these posts do better than others! But it's fun to watch. 

Miranda's at wit's end trying to break Kanda and Walker's stalemate. Then she remembered she had candy! Capture from the Funimation stream.

The original D.Gary-Man was one of those series that blew me away. The breadth of the world, the depth of the characters, the bravery of its main character Allen Walker -- it's one of the series that helped me love anime. The original series, which began airing in 2006, came out 9 years before I even conceived of this blog, but when D.Gray-Man (HALLOW) came out, I absolutely had to review it! I was gratified to see that my esteemed readers responded, too -- this post garnered more than twice the reads as number 7 and almost three times the views as number 10!

From the opening theme for The Asterisk War. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

And now we finally arrive at the most popular post on Crow's World of Anime. And in some ways, it's the most perplexing! It has twice the number of hits as number 5, yet it is simply a summary of the reviews I wrote for the Asterisk War! To this day, it's often the most popular page on my site. Since I adored this show, I'm really happy that one of its posts is my most popular. It was also among the first series I reviewed. 

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading to the end of this retrospective! Honestly, if it weren't for readers like you, there's be no point to the blog. I appreciate the time you've invested in reading this and any other posts you may have read on Crow's World of Anime. As long as you keep reading, I'll keeping giving you my best work!

Are any of the top 10 posts your favorites? Do you have other favorites that you'd like to share? Please feel free to mention them in the comments! 

13 thoughts on “Three Year Celebration: Top 10 Posts from the Past!

  1. Always nice to meet a fellow fan of Asterisk… No, it’s not an anime for the ages (no sin there, few are), but it’s surprisingly good at what it does.

    And conga-rats on reaching three years!

    1. “Always nice to meet a fellow fan of Asterisk… No, it’s not an anime for the ages (no sin there, few are), but it’s surprisingly good at what it does.”

      It’s just fun, isn’t it? I doubt I’ll ever put it in the Call of Fame, but I sure do like rewatching it!

      “And conga-rats on reaching three years!”

      Thanks much! Time sure flies!

  2. Heh, I don’t like Charlotte much (I think that Jun Maeda is really overrated and kind of a hack, and that ending was atrocious), but I do love another PA Works show that gets completely dumped on: Glasslip. Writing about that show was like trying to calm down an angry mob. 🙂 I also loved writing about shows that were polarizing but more evenly split, like Cross Ange (I thought it was just terrific, the person covering it on our blog normally thought it was awful, so I “stole” the series review from him).

    But writing for 3 years is a great milestone! I hope you’re enjoying it, because it certainly seems to come out in your posts that way! I’ve only just started visiting your blog, but I like your content.

    1. You didn’t like Charlotte’s ending? Gasp! Seriously, the only reason I loved it was that I enjoy themes that explore the idea of power’s effect on people. I liked how something small could remind Yuu of his promise to Nao. Cosmic power held in check by simple human affection. Yeah, I’m a sucker for stuff like that!

      I quite enjoyed the characters in Glasslip. I thought it was a pleasant change of pace. Bummer that you faced such an uprising because of it! Are the posts still up?

      I adored Cross Ange! That’s another show I have several plot threads to write fanfic about! And those plots may or may not have anything to do with Hilda… Seriously, I thought its world was compelling and rich! Really liked how Ange developed — she never lost her core strength and she won through a combination of leadership and personal strength. Cool stuff!

      Glad you like the content! I do enjoy it. Quite a bit, in fact! I’m trying to learn to let it show, since most of my writing lately has been technical.

      Really appreciate the discussion!

      1. It was more “how” they got to the ending in Charlotte: They wasted something on the order of four whole episodes throughout the series (on power-of-the-week and Yuu being a dope stuff), and then jammed what could have been a very interesting journey to deal with everyone’s powers, as well as expanding on the interesting question of the ethics of taking away everyone’s powers, into less than an episode. The themes were good. The execution was horrible.

        My posts on Glasslip are still up here: and also my Cross Ange review is here:

        1. “The themes were good. The execution was horrible.”

          I’d love to come up with an argument here, but I got nothing! I think I loved it so much because my imagination just filled in the blanks — that’s how much I liked that theme!

          I enjoyed reading your Glasslip reviews! I should probably know the answer, but are you still writing for any anime blogs?

          Metanorn looked like an interesting site! It’s almost sad how its Twitter, blog, Facebook, and other social media just went dead. Felt like I was walking onto the USS Exeter in the original Star Trek series…

          I wonder what happened?

          1. Well, I know what happened. 🙂 The main thing that happened was that the majority of the writers grew into the rest of their lives. Last years of grad school for quite a few of them, and the site owner changed continents, and upkeep of the site became a big problem, since it was running a custom WordPress version. And with all that, the writers that were still around (me, skylion, and foshizzel) all got burnt out and we were losing audience as well. So we all really just… stopped.

            I am not blogging about anime anywhere, the most I do is leave comments at Cactus Matt’s site (and now yours). I still watch quite a bit (I’m current on 18 airing shows right now, which feels like not that many after 25-ish for a long time), but I’m really not interested in solo blogging. I really liked the dynamics of a group blog, the way that the more regularly spaced content encourages readers to come back regularly (I think Metanorn went something like 8 years with at least one post every day). I sometimes get an itch to write something, but I don’t want the weight of a solo blog on my shoulders.

            Thanks for the kind words about my writing. I sometimes am surprised that I wrote some of the things I did, but my writing style is “write something I’d want to read.” By the way, I get the impression that we’re of a similar age bracket (I thought I read you were actually older than me, a rarity in aniblogging for someone nearing AARP age like myself) in the first post I read on your site. Is that mistaken?

            1. “I’m current on 18 airing shows right now, which feels like not that many after 25-ish for a long time”

              That’s impressive! I’m around 15, but only 10 get regular attention!

              “By the way, I get the impression that we’re of a similar age bracket…”

              I’m north of 50. Okay, a _little_ north of 55! And I explored joining AARP, but I was buried under paper spam!

              Never again…

              I like the perspective that age gives me. Sure, I still enjoy the ecchi themes in High School of the Dead, but I also thoroughly appreciate Zouroku’s perspective from Alice to Zouroku!

              If you’re interested in guest writing, Irina over at I Drink and Watch Anime just announced (as part of her first blogiversary) that she’s open to guest writers. She’s got a great perspective and lively following. I think it’d be a good match!

              I miss collaborative writing, too. I last had that experience with a community newspaper and college literary magazines, and I miss it terribly. But infinite time not being in my inventory, I have to make some hard choices…

              Thanks for the background on Metanorn!

              1. Yeah, I’m still “just” 47, but I agree it’s nice to have that kind of wider view, not just into characters, but also into the machinations of life. But I just love the shows from a younger perspective, about making mistakes, learning and growing. I always found it helped me when writing about shows with things like jobs and relationships, because so many of the people who watch anime and read aniblogs just haven’t really done much living. They might think they have, but college just doesn’t get it. 🙂

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