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Tower of God Episode 11 Best in Show Review

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Quick Summary for Tower of God Episode 11

In Tower of God episode 11, “Underwater Hunt (Part One),” Han Sung Yu explains the rules for the special Administrator’s test that Bam accepted so he could help the wheel-chair bound Rachel. The rules are simple — Bam and Rachel, encapsulated in a ball of Shinsu. If the cute dolphin-like creatures capture them and they’re eaten by the dolphin queen, they win. But if the gigantic ground worms and their goblin guardians catch them, or if the pigs eat them, then they lose. Oh, and there’s a monster bull running around that even Rankers fear. Sounds easy, right? But the game has hidden players with dark motives. Sunwoo Nare’s off-hand observation triggers a dreadful recognition in Aguero Agnes Khun, but can even he react in time? Especially with Rak Wraithraiser (his size restored!) itching to launch an attack despite Khun ordering him not to?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in Tower of God Episode 11: Endorsi and Anaak’s Verbal Sparring Match

Tower of God Episode 11 - Anaak likes Endorsi's wager.

I think it’s safe to say that Anaak liked Endorsi’s bet. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The Setup: Sweat Suit Guy and the Princesses

I’ve discovered something about myself. Witty banter between character that I’ve gotten to know over a series is so delightful it makes me almost giddy. Well, as giddy as I can get. Maybe it’s be more accurate to say it reminds me of what giddy felt like when I could get giddy.

Tower of God Episode 11 ended on a powerful, dramatic moment. My Best in Show moment was one of the details that helped the ending feel so powerful. It’s a moment that endeared me even more to two characters who are already my favorites in the series: Endorsi and and Anaak. Seeing how their relationship went from open antagonism, to Endorsi telling Bam she wanted to climb the tower with Anaak, to the scene I’m about to describe was a real delight. The resulting increased emotional attachment made the stakes at the end feel even more urgent.

Hatz found two blood stains where two of his colleagues should have been. He immediately reported it to Khun. Shibisu began to investigate the area he was responsible for. His search was immediately rewarded by the Bull showing up. Now, the Bull is supposed to be this creature the event Rankers fear. So it showing up was a big deal. It seemed to live up to its reputation, because within seconds of trying to attack it, Shibisu was within inches of becoming its next meal. Then Anaak showed up with Green April and drives the creature back — for a brief time.

Tower of God Episode 11 - Shibisu thought two Princesses of Jahad had come to rescue him.

For a brief, shining moment, Shibisu thought that two Princesses of Jahad had come to rescue him. But no, they just wanted to test themselves against the Bull. I secretly suspect they actually came to save him, too. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Endorsi showed up right beside her (10:34), and they started out by agreeing that the Bull really shouldn’t eat Shibisu, because such a meal would likely not sit well. That’s where the agreement stopped.

The Delivery: Endorsi and Anaak’s Bet

They had both come to test their strength against the Bull, and they spontaneously broke into a foot wrestling match to see who would take it on. The Bull wasn’t about to wait for them and charged. Dodging the first attack, Endorsi asked if Anaak wanted to make a bet. They’d take 5 minute turns fighting the Bull. If Endorsi won, she’d take both “13 Month Series Swords” (11:14). Anaak was intrigued, but I don’t think she could imagine anything that Endorsi could offer that would be of equal value. So she asked.

Anaak’s smile at Endorsi’s answer left zero doubt about whether she’d agree.

“I’ll be your servant for life,” Endorsi answered.

There was no way Anaak would turn down that offer!

Two things made this moment, and actually several others in this episode, special. First, the voice actors, particularly Endorsi’s Rie Suegara and Anaak’s Akira Sekine, delivered performances that were so emotional and authentic that they drew me further into the story. Second, it almost felt like the animators were competing to see who could draw the best character acting. In my notes, I’ll mark moments I want to come back for screen shots with “Good shot.” I had no less than 25 in this episode, and my average is closer to 5 or 10.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m really glad I’m watching this series!

What did you think of the choice Ren Lo Po Bia gave Endorsi? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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