Tower of God Episode 12: Rak carries Paracule to "safety."
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Tower of God Episode 12 Best In Show Review

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Quick Summary of Tower of God Episode 12

In Tower of God episode 12, “Underwater Hunt (Part Two),” Bam and Rachel continued their peaceful ascent in their bubble of Shinsu. For the rest of Team Bam, however, things are considerably less peaceful. Ren Lo Po Bia continued his assault on Endorsi and and Anaak, going so far as to seize control of Endorsi’s body to force her to kill Anaak. Can either Princess, as wounded as they are, effectively fight back? Speaking of fighting back, Rak Wraithraiser gets annoyed with running away and turned to face the hoard of goblin attackers cashing him. With a screaming Paracule tucked under one arm, Rak actually ran toward his attackers. Is he planning on using Paracule as a club? Last but by no means least, Princess Yuri arrived, and she seemed more a little angry. Who’s the object of her anger? And can the test itself withstand her wrath?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best in Show Moment for Tower of God Ep 12

Tower of God Episode 12: Yuri checks her nails as she fends off Ren Lo Po Bia's "attacks."

Do you see the fear in Yuri’s eyes? Yeah, me neither! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: The Whole Series Until Now Prepared the Way for Princess Yuri

I think I’ve been pretty restrained in my adoration for a certain Princess of Jahad since we met her in the first episode. Sure, I’ve dropped hints from time to time that I consider her more a goddess than a princess, but I tried to be subtle.

But, we’re among friends, right? Finally, in episode 12, it’s time I unburden my soul and be honest with you all. Yuri is amazing. I know she’s amazing because of the fantastic job the series did to build her up. All with minimal screen time.

She planted her foot in Bam’s face back in episode 1. We’ve seen hints that she’s trying to catch up to Bam, though we still don’t know why. And in this episode, two things happened to lay the groundwork for her return.

First, Shibisu, while searching for Endorsi and Anaak, suddenly froze. He sensed an overwhelmingly power presence approaching. He turned, and who was there, emerging from the shadows? Yep. Yuri.

Tower of God Episode 12: Shibisu felt Yuri's power before he saw her.

Shibisu felt Yuri’s power before he heard or saw her. Gotta give the guy credit for being perceptive! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Second, the series spent several episodes playing up how powerful Endorsi and Anaak were, both as individuals and as a combined force. But the end of the previous episode and beginning of this one showed Ren Lo Po Bia not only beating them severely, but taking their most powerful strikes in stride. It looked like everything was coming up Ren Lo Po Bia!

Right up until it wasn’t.

Delivery: Yuri Defends Herself against Ren Lo Po Bia — And Checks Her Nails

Yuri made it clear she wasn’t happy seeing Ren Lo Po Bia hurting Anaak and Endorsi. “Just so you know, those two on the ground over there are my little sisters,” she said in an even voice (07:30). Her calm was scary!

Did Ren Lo Po Bia got the message? No. He started to say that he was sad to see a Princess of Jahad aiding traitors. Before he could finish the sentence, her eyes flashed. The very ground around her collapsed under the weight of her anger.

“Are you threatening me?” she asked.

For some reason that I attribute to insanity, Ren Lo Po Bia got so excited by the challenge that he attacked her with all the monsters in his Rice Ball body. For an instant, it looked bad for Yuri, until the camera showed her standing, bored, with a broad patch of blood behind her.

Tower of God Episode 12: Yuri turned Ren Lo Po Bia's attack into a stain on the ground.

Yuri turned his attack of vicious beasts into a stain. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

My favorite moment was when an increasingly desparate Ren Lo Po Bia attacked Yuri with his lighting bolts. They were the same bolts that had almost killed Endorsi with a single strike.

Brushing aside the attack with her extended right hand, she checked the finger nails on her left hand for chips (14:04). To her, Ren Lo Po Bia’s attacks were literally a minor annoyance.

It was worth waiting an entire season to see her… well, I can’t say cut loose. It was worth waiting a whole season to see confirmation that yeah, she’s just that powerful. Given how much I like powerful women characters, I was grinning for most of this episode.

Until that last couple of minutes. Cue Stewie, I guess…

What did you think of Rak’s approach to combat? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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