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TRINITY SEVEN Episode 9 Review – Quick Summary

In TRINITY SEVEN Episode 9, “Bible Battle and Sweet Memory,” Arata Kasuga, Mira Yamana, and Sora found themselves trapped in what looked like one of their sister schools. A school that should have been destroyed! Yet, there it was! Soon, they came upon some demons that should have been easy prey for Mira’s power. But there was a spell preventing Magus Mode, and she ended up blasting off her own clothes. Will Sora be able to defend the three of them, since she’s unaffected, as a creature of magic? And with Mira out of action magically, do they stand any chance of finding their way out?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from TRINITY SEVEN Episode 9

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 9: Arata almost pulled off a moment of extreme chivalrous coolnees.

Arata almost pulled off a moment of chivalrous coolness. Almost! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Mira tried to attack the demons she, Arata, and Sora encountered. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that someone had cast a spell that sealed Magus Mode. So, when she tried to cast a spell, she blew off her own clothes.

Yes, I know this is a classic ecchi comedy moment. No, it’s not that I like seeing Mira embarrassed, though I freely admit that her reaction is pretty adorable. What I like about this moment is how Arata tried to be all cool about it. He could have gawked. A lesser ecchi MC would have blushed, gotten a nose bleed, and thrown himself backwards. But Arata stayed laser-focused on getting them to safety. After he handed her his jacket. Dude has some chivalry, after all!

Sora told them to make a run for it while she held off the demons. Before he picked Mira up to run (the backlash from her spell had left her weakened), Arata made a show of telling her that she could punch him later. But right now, they needed to get clear.

Grudgingly, she accepted his offer of help, and they started to run off.

But Arata could not resist saying (04:54), “Crap, this is pretty hot!”

Mira only said, “Stop joking around!”

I think he’s growing on her.

Best in Show Moment for TRINITY SEVEN Episode 9

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 9: Arata in Demon Lord Candidate mode

I’m pretty sure that Ilias was not expecting this. Sora seemed none too happy about it! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Illias Overplayed Her Hand

There are two things I really like to see happen in a series. I like to see a villain overplay their hand, and I like to see a character get pushed too far. I was really happy to see those two things crash together in this episode.

Arata get points for trying to protect Mira. First, he gave her his jacket and shirt, which was both cool and adorable. My favorite moment builds on that. I’m talking about what happened on top of the clock tower. The Ilias Fragment had cornered Mira and Arata. She had even captured Sora. Arata said that if Ilias would release Mira, he would stay with there in that school with her. 

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 9: Mira didn't want Arata to sacrifice himself for her

Mira was not happy with Arata’s decision to remain behind. As head of security, she felt responsible. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Was Arata making one of those selfless, self-sacrificing gestures? Heavens no! He even told Mira he trusted that she would come after him. But he wanted to get her to safety. However, when he walked over to stand with Ilias, the latter double-crossed them. Supremely confident in her plan, absolutely certain that she had more than enough power since she was using Sora as a battery, Ilias said that she would at least kill Mira quickly so she would not suffer.

The thorny vines Ilias used to bind Arata came as a surprise. But so did Arata’s reaction. See, Arata has gotten used to hanging out with the Trinity Seven. As in, he really likes seeing them smile. Ilias threatened to ruin all of that.

Delivery: Arata Got Seriously Angry

Remember how Arata got angry with Lieselotte Sherlock back in episode 7? Well, at the time I called it angry. In retrospect, compared to what was about to happen in this episode, I’d say Arata had been more mildly irritated. Because in this episode, I got the second of my favorite things in a series. I got to see what happened when Arata got pushed too far.

Maybe Ilias counted on Arata’s good nature to keep him sedate. Maybe she thought she had enough power to deal with his still immature magical powers, what with the seal on Magus Mode being in place. And maybe she thought Sora would give her enough power to deal with whatever Arata decided to throw at her.

What she was not prepared to deal with, though, was Arata’s fury. To be fair, maybe she didn’t expect what would happen. Sora did. In fact, even though Ilias used Sora as a source of power, Sora begged Ilias to stop Arata. But it was too late.

Ilias’ reaction sold the moment. Arata’s temper snapped. Skulls rose from the pavement around Arata and destroyed the thorny vines binding him. Then those skulls rushed forth and obliterated every demon on the rooftop. Ilias stumbled backwards, whimpering, until she fell down. She could only stare, gasping in fear, at the sight before her (21:55).

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 9: The Ilias Fragment was not prepared for Arata in Demon Lord Candidate mode

Looks like Ilias learned too late that the situation had gone out of her control. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Turns out that if Arata gets really, really angry, he temporary loses control and the demon lord candidate within seizes control. According to Sora, it’s name is Astral Trinity (22:04). 

Yeah, I’m really fond of that kind of moment. Now I really want to see what Arata in Demon Lord Candidate mode will do!

What did you think of Mira confiding in Arata on the way up the clock tower? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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