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Episode 1: Administer and Third Selection

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 1 Review – Best In Show

In TRINITY SEVEN Episode 1, “Administer and Third Selection”, Arata Kasuga enjoyed a quiet, happy life living and going to school with his cousin, Hijiri Kasuga. They’d often sit on the school roof at lunch under the giant black sun. Then three things happened. First, Arata realized that no, the sun should not be black. Second, he realized after questioning Hijiri that she was not, in fact Hijiri. And third, a beautiful Mage with long red hair showed up on the roof and said that he could either forget Hijiri ever existed or die by her hand. Does Arata have any hope for regaining the peaceful life he enjoyed?

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Episode 2: Prison Lock and Grimoire Security

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 2 Review – Best In Show

In TRINITY SEVEN Episode 2, “Prison Lock and Grimoire Security,” it seemed that Arata Kasuga had attracted an admirer: Arin Kannazuki. In an act so obvious that all of his classmates noticed, Arin stared hard at Arata. Though for some strange reason, she tried to deny it. What’s her deal? Later, something traps Arata in his room with Selina SherlockLevi Kazama, and Lilith Asami. Who would do such a thing? What are they trying to accomplish? And just how much does Arata’s grimoire, the Astil Codex, know about it?

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Episode 3: Magus and Alchemist

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 3 Review – Best In Show

In TRINITY SEVEN Episode 3, “Magus and Alchemist,” Arata Kasuga and Arin Kannazuki were busily serving food in a beach-front restaurant. Lilith Asami stopped by to make sure they behaved themselves. Selina Sherlock and Levi Kazama stopped by to make sure they didn’t. But, wait — a beach episode? Wasn’t Akio Fudou about to stomp Arata to death? How did they all end up in a beach paradise?

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Episode 4: Labyrinth and Magic Gunner

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 4 Review – Best In Show

In TRINITY SEVEN Episode 4, “Labyrinth and Magic Gunner,” Arata Kasuga and Lilith Asami arrived in class to find everyone asleep. Despite Arata’s initial guess that it was Lilith’s fault for being a boring teacher, the headmaster, Biblia Gakuenchou, said it is yet another breakdown phenomenon. Where did this one come from? Is it somehow Arata’s fault — again? And what can they do to fix it? Because if they don’t, it just might consume the whole world.

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Episode 5: Dream World and Sub-Administer

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 5 Review – Best In Show

In TRINITY SEVEN Episode 5, “Dream World and Sub-Administer,” Arata Kasuga began to settle into life at school. One perk he had not anticipated was waking up next to Yui Kurata, who had decided to express her thanks for Arata saving her by keeping him warm at night. Not to be outdone, Arin Kannazuki decided to sleep on his other side. You can guess how Lilith Asami reacted when she found out. She didn’t even seem to appreciate Arata making room for her to join them! But the real problem came up later. Who’s the missing Trinity Seven? Why is she missing? And what does she have to do with Selina Sherlock, who seems to know more than she’s told Arata?

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Episode 6: Dark Mage and Big Event

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 6 Review – Best In Show

In TRINITY SEVEN Episode 6, “Dark Mage and Big Event,” Lieselotte Sherlock, having trapped Arata KasugaLilith Asami, and the others, uses the powers she stole from her sister, Selina Sherlock, to try to lure Arata to her side. Given her feminine charms, Arata experienced a moment of serious doubt. But then Lieselotte used the possibility of helping him locate Hijiri Kasuga as enticement. Does Arata have any chance of resisting? Are all of them, even Mira Yamana, the powerful head of security, really helpless against Lieselotte’s magic? And if she steals Arata’s Demon Lord candidate-level power, then what?

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Episode 7: Lost Technica and Problem Solving

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

In TRINITY SEVEN Episode 8, “Lost Technica and Problem Solving,” Lieselotte Sherlock used her Bare Breast Attack on Biblia Gakuenchou, the Headmaster. It was super effective! Or was it? With the Headmaster apparently out of the way, Lieselotte advanced on the members of the Trinity Seven who stood guard over Selina Sherlock, her sister. Can Arata Kasuga finishing training in time to help? Or will Akio Fudou’s training kill him first?

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Episode 8: Study and Holiday

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 8 Review – Best In Show

In TRINITY SEVEN Episode 8, “Study and Holiday,” Arata Kasuga shocks everyone, especially Lilith Asami, by diligently applying himself to his studies. He’s so serious he even declined Levi Kazama’s offer to lick his fingers, saying he’d save that for a reward for later. Lilith finally asked him about it, and he said he wants to save Lieselotte Sherlock as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Biblia Gakuenchou, the Headmaster, had another idea. He added Arata to Mira Yamana’s security team and sent them on a mission to check out their destroyed sister school. Is Arata really ready for field work? Will Mira accept him on her team? Or will Arata have to watch out for enemies from all sides?

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Episode 9: Bible Battle and Sweet Memory

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 9 Review – Best In Show

In TRINITY SEVEN Episode 9, “Bible Battle and Sweet Memory,” Arata KasugaMira Yamana, and Sora found themselves trapped in what looked like one of their sister schools. A school that should have been destroyed! Yet, there it was! Soon, they came upon some demons that should have been easy prey for Mira’s power. But there was a spell preventing Magus Mode, and she ended up blasting off her own clothes. Will Sora be able to defend the three of them, since she’s unaffected, as a creature of magic? And with Mira out of action magically, do they stand any chance of finding their way out?

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Episode 10: Game Master and Satan Slave

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 10 Review – Best In Show

In TRINITY SEVEN Episode 10, “Game Master and Satan Slave,” Arata had just turned into the Demon Lord Astral Trinity. Ilias Fragment, who had trapped Arata, Sora, and Mira in this pocket of space/time, was now in a blind panic. There was nothing she could do to withstand the might of a full Demon Lord. Is there anything Sora and Mira can do? Or is Arata’s Demon Lord power too great?

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Episode 11: Fianna Knights and Sisters

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 11 Review – Best In Show

In TRINITY SEVEN Episode 11, “Fianna Knights and Sisters,” Levi was the only one of the Trinity Seven left to defend the school from a new threat: Lugh. Lugh, herself a Demon Lord candidate, intended to take over the school for her partner, who’s a mysterious figure at this point. Levi would have more of a chance if Biblia Gakuenchou, the headmaster, would do more than simply cheer her on. But it seems that Lugh’s mysterious partner decided to target him. Who is this mysterious person, who blithely decided to take on the headmaster? Can Levi hold on until help arrives? And with their teleporter destroyed, can ArataLilithAkioMira, and Sora make it in time?

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Episode 12: Criminal Girl and His World

TRINITY SEVEN Episode 12 Review – Best In Show

In TRINITY SEVEN Episode 12, “Criminal Girl and His World,” Arata, Lilith, Arin, Akio, Mira, and Sora made it back to interrupt Lugh and Hijiri’s attempt to take over the school. But now that they’re there, what can they do? Arata, the only one with the raw power to take on Hijiri, still found his magical energy mostly depleted. And Lugh still had a lot of fight left in her, too. Does Arata have any hope of staying alive – much less of saving Hijiri?

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