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Undead Murder Farce Episode 3: Favorites

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Undead Murder Farce Episode 3 – Quick Summary

In Undead Murder Farce episode 3, “The Immortal and the Oni,” Aya and Tsugaru apparently gave up counting to seven, because now they were eating dinner with Lord Godard and his family. Goddard’s sons seemed to think Aya and Tsugaru were frauds – and given that Aya confided in Tsugaru that she really wasn’t sure of the murderer’s identity, they might be! Was Aya bluffing with Tsugaru? Or was she bluffing with Goddard? And why does the cab driver keep trying to look under the table?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Undead Murder Farce Episode 3

Undead Murder Farce Episode 3: I don't think Shizuku likes Tsugaru

She didn’t look like she was kidding. No sir, not one little bit! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I really don’t think that Shizuku likes Tsugaru. I don’t think she’s a tsundere, either!

Previous episodes gave us little clues, like Shizuku initially refusing to carry Tsugaru’s luggage until Aya ordered her to do it. We got another indication in this episode. One that I think is pretty clear.

Aya instructed Shizuku to keep an eye on the maid and butler. In fact, Shizuku was not to let them leave her sight. It felt comically awkward to watch the maid and butler try to make smalltalk with her. Shizuku wasn’t rude, not by any stretch. But she was very, very blunt and honest. That might be why I like her so much.

When they’d heard that Lord Goddard had taken Tsugaru and Aya into the forest, the butler said some less than kind words about Tsugaru. He immediately bowed and apologized to Shizuku.

““Please, go ahead,” she said, much to the increasing shock of both the butler and the other maid (13:53). “I don’t serve the likes of that lowlife, bastard storyteller wannabe.”

She sounded pretty honest about it, too!

Favorite Moment from Undead Murder Farce Episode 3

Undead Murder Farce Episode 3: Tsugaru turned Aya's head so she could look at the speaker

She didn’t even have to ask him to turn her head. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This is turning into a proper, old-time, classic, very cool murder mystery. But as good as it is (and I assert that it’s really good!), the mystery didn’t provide my favorite moment. That goes to the delightful interactions between Aya and Tsugaru.

They laugh at each other’s jokes. They set up each other’s jokes. He seems to have utter confidence in her, and though she teases him, she relies on him without hesitation.

Now, you might reasonably point out that she has no choice. Ah, but she does! She could ask Shizuku haul her around and only bring out the Oni in combat situations. Aya chooses to have Tsugaru cart her around.

In my favorite moment, I think I figured out why.

Their rapport is part of it. I think she genuinely likes talking to him. But did you notice what he did during the dinner conversation? I think I saw it without processing what it was I saw, because the dialogue was so engrossing that it distracted me. My favorite moment was when I finally noticed.

Undead Murder Farce Episode 3: Being a bodiless head had to be an unusual experience for Aya

It has to be a little unusual to be the only bodiless head at the table. Fortunately, Tsugaru helped her blend in. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

As she spoke to others, Tsugaru turned her cage so she could look at them (07:07).

It’s a small thing, right? But it speaks volumes about how mindful he is of her needs. He could have placed her on a corner of the table so she could see everyone. But he gave her a small bit of normalcy. She could sit in a proper place among the other dinner guests, and interact almost normally with them. Moments of affection and support are awesome, especially when they’re perfectly in character – which this moment was!

What did you think of how Tsugaru laughed at Aya’s joke about putting on a few pounds (02:29)? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Undead Murder Farce Episode 3: Favorites

  1. I’m enjoying it. I can see some real thought has been put into the interactions. The head in the birdcage could get boring after a while.

    When Aya finally gets her body back it will be interesting to see how things develop. Or it will the the end of the anime.

    1. I’m interested in seeing how they keep the head-in-a-cage gimmick from growing stale. I have a feeling this writer can do it! And I want to learn how.

  2. Yes, I definitely love how well Tsugaru and Aya get along together! I particularly like how the two seem to like joking together. I also noticed that Tsugaru turned Aya’s head so she could look at the people talking at the table. I thought it was very thoughtful of him. I’ve mentioned before that Tsugaru reminds me of a rakugo performer, and Shizuku has also called him a “wannabe storyteller” in this episode. I’m wondering if Tsugaru’s character was designed purposely to be a bit rakugo-ish?

    1. “I’ve mentioned before that Tsugaru reminds me of a rakugo performer”

      I remember you mentioned that, so I kept an eye open for those mannerisms. I see it! Especially in moments like the one near the end, where he takes a bow. I think the references are intentional!

    2. Interestingly, the director of this show has also directed Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju. Maybe something from directing stuck and it felt like a natural port to this source? I thought that was a very interesting thought (about our Half-oni feeling like a rakugoka), and it didn’t occur to me at all, but it totally makes sense.

  3. It’s a nice show, but it seems to be going at such a slow pace that things are dragging out. Almost nothing actually happened in these last two episodes. And yet I enjoy the interplay between Aya and Tsugaru immensely. They just complement each other so perfectly, they bring joy to each others’ lives, and they work together so well that, as you mention, he turns the cage her head is in so naturally, without any need for her to ask. It’s cute. They’re really good together.

    1. It’s interesting to me — I don’t perceive it as slow at all, though intellectually, I can see why you would or even why I should. It’s almost getting to the point where action isn’t as exciting as clever and insightful banter.

      Though based on what the show gave us in episode 1, I think it’ll be able to handle action with grace and skill!

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