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Undead Murder Farce Episode 7: Favorites

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Undead Murder Farce Episode 7 – Quick Summary

In Undead Murder Farce episode 7, “Free for All,” water poured through the grate in the underground vault’s ceiling. Holmes, Watson, Fogg, and the rest had to tread water. But they comforted themselves with the thought that at least no one could get in and steal the silver vault. Is Holmes deluding himself? Putting on an act to flush out Lupin in case he’s masquerading as one of the guards? And why is Tsugaru telling Japanese folktales?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Undead Murder Farce Episode 7

Undead Murder Farce Episode 7: Aya has a fantastic sense of humor.

I really appreciate Aya’s sense of humor. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This is one of those episodes where choosing a single favorite quote is tough. But how about I turn the problem around? Instead of looking at it as a problem, how about I say, “There are so many favorite quotes, I can’t go wrong!”

I like that idea.

Remember when we found out that Aya had hidden in the silver vault? She’d held the spring-loaded door shut with her teeth (she looked fiercely determined, didn’t she?). When it came time to spring her trap, she called for Tsugaru.

Tsugaru had been telling Japanese stories from Japanese folklore. It was quite a humorous story, too. He got to the punchline just as he crashed through the ceiling of the hothouse where Lupin and Phantom stared in amazement. Tsugaru landed by Aya’s side. Shizuku took up position on the other side of her.

In response to Lupin’s stare, Aya said (09:21), “Despite your warning, I decided to stick my neck out for this.”

I just love her sense of humor! She has a better mental attitude than I do – and I still have my body attached!

Favorite Moment from Undead Murder Farce Episode 7

Undead Murder Farce Episode 7: Shizuku is about to open a can of Whoop Ass(tm)

I’m so looking forward to Shizuku’s confrontation with Carmilla! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Well, That Escalated Quickly!

I had a hard time picking a favorite quote. I’m having a harder time picking a favorite moment. But I’ll borrow the same logic I used before: they’re all good, so it’s hard for me to go wrong!

The body count escalated this week, didn’t it? Everyone with Moriarty seems to be more brutal than the others – Carmilla in particular. I really hope Shizuku takes care of her in the next episode.

Undead Murder Farce Episode 7: Carmilla is easy to hate

This was an effective way to drive home Carmilla’s villainy – having her mercilessly kill a  helpless maid. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Speaking of Shizuku, I’m awarding a moment of hers as my favorite this week. Remember when Lestrade encountered Carmilla? He figured out she was a vampire when she shrugged off his bullets. Unfortunately for him, the cross he carried for just such an emergency had no effect. I figured he was dead before Shizuku showed up – and casually kicked Carmilla, a monster vampire, clean out of the frame.

Shizuku then proceeded to ask Lestrade if he was okay and if he knew where the Phantom had gotten off to.

Think about that for a second. We just spent half an episode seeing how absolutely badass Carmilla was – and Shizuku just flicked her aside. But that wasn’t my favorite part.

Delivery: Scrupulous Courtesy Hides a Very Sharp Sword

Lestrade said he hadn’t seen the Phantom. Carmilla started venting at my favorite combat maid, who maintained her calm and polite exterior. She even tried to ask Carmilla if she knew where the Phantom was. When it became clear the vampire didn’t know and wouldn’t tell if she did, Shizuku excused herself and turned to leave.

The vampire threatened her. Not at all concerned, Shizuku explained that the Lady Aya had instructed her to search for the Phantom, so she had to be going. She even apologized! In the maid’s mind, that was that.

Carmilla, though, wasn’t about to let it end there. She said that she had received orders to kill anyone in her way. And Aya was in the way.

Undead Murder Farce Episode 7: Lestrade felt grateful to Shizuku for saving his life

Lestrade felt very grateful to Shizuku. Rightly so! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

It was like arming a nuclear weapon. Shizuku’s eyes narrowed. Very politely, but with some urgency, she said to Lestrade (20:11), “Please flee. You’ll be in the way.”

I liked everything about that moment. I love strong women characters and I like combat maids. Understated badassery is among my favorite things, and Shizuku has it in abundance. I don’t know how the fight will go next week, but I really, really want to see Shizuku lay waste. And I’m pretty sure she can do it, even if her opponent is Carmilla.

What did you think of Aya’s hiding place? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Undead Murder Farce Episode 7: Favorites

  1. I figured the diamond was going to be swapped with a convincing replica. It’s what I would do. Having it be Aya was a surprise! But I don’t believe Holmes would be stupid enough to reveal the trip right then.

  2. When the Aya let the safe door open to reveal herself within, I had a glorious moment of, “CALLED IT!” 🙂

    I recognized Carmilla’s name, of course, being associated with Dracula via the Castlevania games, but as realized this show taps the literature of the time much more than games of our time, I remembered that Carmilla doesn’t appear in the classic Dracula novel. Thus, I took a little trip down Google lane and learned something new. Carmilla appears in her own vampire novel a good couple of decades before Dracula rose to fame in Bram Stokes’ novel. She came first.

    And when we heard Aleister’s name, I immediately knew that was going to be Aleister Crowley, a real-world figure associated with the occult, magic, illusion, etc.

    It’s nice that we have so many fantastic characters locked inside a shrinking box together. A three-way fight for the black diamond – which will soon have yet another, much more brutal participant, I imagine – a confrontation of logic and rationality against Aleister’s tricks, a girl-on-girl fight with Shizuku and Carmilla, a huntress like Fatima on the Phantom’s trail, and there’s still Moriarty, Victor, and Jack lurking about, with Fogg in the background. Can’t wait to see Aya and Tsugaru when they find Moriarty right in front of them. 🙂

    1. As I watched the episode, as soon as we saw Aya in the box, I thought, “Dang! Merlin called it!”

      Good one!

      I didn’t know Carmilla pre-dates Dracula. Cool. This show continues to surprise me in all sorts of ways!

      It’s going to be interesting to see what Tsugaru can do with Victor or Jack as an opponent. I think we see him fighting at least Jack in the OP. Their skills looked closely matched.

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