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Undead Murder Farce Episode 8: Favorites

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Undead Murder Farce Episode 8 – Quick Summary

In Undead Murder Farce episode 8, “The Banquet,” the battle over the werewolf diamond raged. Shizuku held her own against Carmilla. But the vampire was wily, and she had not yet begun to dig deeply into her repertoire. How long will our favorite combat maid last? Tsugaru also seemed to be holding his own against Reynold and Lupin. That is, until another player showed up and didn’t so much tip the scale as shatter it. Does Tsugaru stand any chance of retrieving the diamond? Or getting back to Aya in one piece?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Undead Murder Farce Episode 8

Undead Murder Farce Episode 8: Holmes said his famous line!

I think he’s wanted to utter that line in some form for a while now! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

None of these characters say what’s on their minds. Or if they do, they dissemble to a wonderful degree. It makes conversations feel like a fencing match, where the opponents are at the top of their game.

Take Aleister Crowley, for example. He noticed Aya’s head in a birdcage, so he asked where the rest of her was. She answered that her body had been stolen and she was looking for it. In response, he looked contemplative and said that his group just might have it.

As with their conversations, so with their combat styles. So far, Aleister Crowley had used various needles to simulate magic. With that tactic, he had forced Holmes and Watson to expend all of their ammo. While Crowley had been distracted with Aya, Holmes had decided to use his super power to attack. Crowley tried to flick a poison needle at Holmes, but Holmes was too fast. Holmes knocked the needle into Crowley’s face instead.

“All magic requires something in exchange,” Holmes said, pressing his attack (06:45). “That’s elementary, my dear Aleister.”

He said the thing! I don’t even read Arthur Conan Doyle, and I still got a kick out of it!

Favorite Moment from Undead Murder Farce Episode 8

Undead Murder Farce Episode 8: Aya felt very pleased with Tsugaru's performance

Tsugaru really came through! As usual! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Geh! It’s A Target Rich Environment!

I feel like we should have a moment of silence for Fatima. Talk about a brutal death! And then Tsugaru used her heart as a diversion. Wait. I’m not being silent, am I? Well, let’s just say she got too close to Jack, and he did what Jack “the Ripper” does.


I should also note that I learned something important in this episode. Namely, that I did not dislike the combination of Shizuku and an aphrodisiac. I do not dislike it at all. 

Like previous episodes, there are so many moments with punch that it’s both hard to choose only one and easy – because no matter what I choose, it’s going to be fun. I was sorely tempted to go with Aya saying (20:14), “Geh! I forgot to retrieve it!” when she realized she had left the silver safe back in the hot house. Her expression was great! But, seriously, Aya: were you going to carry it? 

Okay, her “remembering” likely would have meant her asking someone else to carry it. Still, I had to laugh.

Undead Murder Farce Episode 8: Aya could not believe she forgot something important

She doesn’t slip up very often. And when she does, it’s funny! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Speaking of her geh-ing, my favorite moment came shortly thereafter. Our heroes were sitting dejectedly around the fireplace. Holmes threw back his head and said (20:18), “Looks like we’ve been utterly defeated.”

That’s when Tsugaru stood up and asked for everyone’s attention. The scene shifted to Moriarty’s hideout. Most of them were in a jubilant mood. Except for Carmilla. Shizuku left quite the impression! But the rest were in fine spirits. Moriarty offered a toast and gave special praise to Jack, who had stolen the diamond. That was the whole point of the mission; that’s why Holmes felt so defeated.

Delivery: The Theatrical Tsugaru

Jack gave a theatrical bow and reached into the pocket of his waistcoat. He paused. Moriarty’s eyebrows went up. Crowley looked confused, while Carmilla looked terrified. Even Victor looked scared.

Jack’s fingers went through the hole in his pocket.

The scene shifted back to our heroes. Back during his fight with Jack, even while he was getting beaten up badly, Tsugaru retained the presence of mind to slice through the bottom of Jack’s pocket and pilfer the diamond.

Undead Murder Farce Episode 8: Jack was horrified at his oversight

This is Jack realizing he’d had a bad day. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

“What am I going to do with you?” Aya said (21:10), as everyone else looked on in shock.

Laughing, Tsugaru said (21:16), “I was a pretty rotten kid. I just couldn’t keep my hands to myself!”

Moments like that are why I look forward to this show every week. I might be exhausted; work might have crushed my spirits entirely. But this show has the power to delight my intellect and make me laugh. Throw in Shizuku under the influence of an aphrodisiac, and I’m a happy camper.

What did you think of Jack’s entrance? What were your favorite moments in this episode? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Undead Murder Farce Episode 8: Favorites

  1. I haven’t seen the episode yet, but this sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see Jack’s entrance. Someone that gives Tsugaru a run for his money, I have to see that! Thank you for the review. Now I’m even more excited to see the next episode!

    1. Jack’s entrance floored me. And I’ve seen a lot of entrances! I’d love to hear what you think of it after you see it.

      1. Watched the episode last night! Wow, Jack is seriously scary! Poor Fatima didn’t have a chance. I like that the colors of Jack and Tsugaru are related to the red and blue oni that they were infected with. I’m thinking it’s inspired by the Japanese folk tale about the red and blue oni, though in the folk tale the two oni were friends and I just don’t think that’s going to happen between Jack and Tsugaru. OMG, I loved the ending! That was awesome! Tsugaru is definitely my favorite character in this anime, he always makes me want to cheer!

  2. Jack the Ripper. Now there’s a name out of both history and legend. And it seems he doesn’t just have power similar to Tsugaru’s, but is far, far worse. Tsugaru got his ass beat. Lupin took one look and said, “Nope.” And poor Fatima never knew what hit her! The combination of oni, immortal, and vampire is deadly indeed, and it seems he still has the potential to grow more and more powerful with the addition of werewolves and who knows what else into his bodily structure. Talk about a living nightmare!

    Speaking of Fatima, I am much more saddened by her death than I would have been for her partner’s. She was clearly a formidable huntress, and even got one hit on the Phantom in the previous episode, in addition to puncturing a hole in a supposedly mighty vault to drain the water. It was even mentioned that she was fighting for justice, and who doesn’t love a petite female warrior dishing out justice? Sure, the classification of the mildly deformed phantom as a terrorist is extreme, but that depends a bit on whether Erik has committed murder or not, which, in at least one version of the story, he has. And what fate befalls this cute, tiny huntress who seeks justice? First they take away her claws as Erik dominates their showdown even after taking a hit, and then Jack slices her to ribbons before she even knows what’s happening. I am a bit miffed about that!

    On a completely different note, I think we just got some insight into Shizuku’s attitude towards Tsugaru. Based on what she said when she overcame Carmilla’s charms and drugs, I’m guessing she’s shared a bed with Aya many times. Not only deprived of this now, but her mistress gets along so well with Tsugaru that I think she might be jealous of her lover’s attentions going elsewhere. I mean, just look at how smugly pleased Aya was at Tsugaru’s success in taking back the diamond? This is the man who reignited Aya’s fighting spirit in the first episode, and kissed her, and makes her laugh all the time despite her current predicament. How could Shizuku not feel threatened by that?

    What exactly is Shizuku, anyway? I mean, really, what is she? Before the aphrodisiac hit – and there’s no way she’s falling for that a second time – she was winning against Carmilla, and not just winning but dominating. Shizuku has to be something more than human, to be outclassing a vampire like that.

    Overall, the information was flying just as fast as anyone’s fists in this episode. Moriarty’s Banquet, Jack the Ripper being a chimera of supernatural creatures now, the general location of the werewolves, and, oh, right, Aya was made into an immortal by someone else, whom she clearly does not like. (of course she enjoyed showing up Holmes in solving the riddle of the diamond) Lots of groundwork laid in this episode!

    Oh, I recognized the name of the vampire whose DNA they added to Jack’s, though I needed Google to remind me of where: it’s from The Mysterious Stranger, written by Mark Twain, though he never really completed it and it was published after his death.

    1. “Talk about a living nightmare!”

      You got that right! I don’t know if Jack’s immortality (regen power) is stronger than Tsugaru’s, but yeah, Tsugaru came out on the worse end of that fight. Back when he fought Lupin, I got a sense that he got beat on purpose. I didn’t get that feeling here!

      “and who doesn’t love a petite female warrior dishing out justice?”

      She was a great character — elicited my sympathy right away. like you said — she didn’t know what hit her. Like you, I would have preferred to see her go down swinging. But from the narrative’s perspective, her job was to show us just how terrible Jack was. In that regard, our little huntress did her job.

      That’s a really interesting insight into Shizuku! But, I have to wonder — and this is thin ice I’m stepping onto — how old is Shizuku? Did she know Aya when she had her body? If so, then that makes sense. If not, then, well… I suppose Aya has options for sharing her affection.

      Great. Now I’m remembering some lewd art of Lala from Monster Musume. And I’ve lost my train of thought.

      Oh, yeah, talking about Shizuku. I wonder what she is, too. She was absolutely kicking Carmilla’s ass. She wasn’t winning merely with technique — she’s powerful. She can put Tsugaru in a headlock, too — though he might be allowing it. Regardless, I’d love to know more about her.

      Cool you looked up the other vampire! That’s another thing I like about this show. It’s weaving parts of itself out of various cultures, and I find the story’s texture more enjoyable because of it.

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