What Sites Do I Read for Other Posts to Crow About?

February 11, 2018

We’ve had a number of inquiries about what sites we regularly review for Other Posts to Crow About.

Here’s the list!

If you don’t see your site listed, please do let me know in the comments!

Seriously: If you don’t see your site listed, we really want to know! I hate the idea that there are interesting posts out there that I don’t know about!

And if you don’t see excerpts from your site show up in Other Posts to Crow About, please be aware there are a few of common causes:

  • You’re reviewing a series that I haven’t watched yet, and I don’t want to risk encountering a spoiler.
  • Your post is great, but it didn’t strike a chord with this reviewer. Truth be told, if I noted every good post, I’d note most of the posts. You all are posting a lot of intriguing stuff!
  • Your posts are embarrassingly good: There’s a chance that simply linking to your site would make this site look terrible. If that’s the case, please try to be understanding! I’m only human…
  • Your post is far too advanced for me to understand. This is no joke: I’m (usually) pretty smart, but some of you are are pushing the boundaries of human intelligence!

Honestly, I am humbled by the variety and quality of the posts I read every week. Just knowing that there’re so many informed and interesting perspective on anime is reassuring. To every writer who contributes to every site in this list: Thank you for your work.

Note: During our weekly series reviews, we often link to other blogs posting reviews of the same series. The idea is to help readers find content relevant to their favorites series. If you see that we’re reviewing the same series you are, and if we don’t link to your site, please drop us a comment!

Second note: I realized this is an English-only list. I apologize! Maybe I’ll use Chrome’s ability to translate pages the the fly to extend the list to other languages, but until then, please know that I recognize this a deficiency that I hope to remedy!

Without further ado:

Sites Currently Reviewed Weekly

These are the sites I sift through every week. There are a lot of sites, but it’s worth the effort!

    1. 100 Word Anime
    2. The Afictionado
    3. AhNeeMeh
    5. Akibento Blog
    6. Aldael’s Attic
    7. Alex’s Anime Arena
    8. All about Anime and Manga
    9. All the Anime
    10. All Your Anime.net
    11. AngryAnimeBitches
    12. Ani-Dotes
    13. AniB Productions
    14. Anima & Anime
    15. The Animanga Spellbook
    16. The Anime Accord
    17. Anime and Fandom Life
    18. Anime and Manga Life
    19. Anime and Manga Studies
    20. Anime Articles
    21. Anime Asterisk
    22. Anime Athena
    23. Anime B&B
    24. Anime Bird
    25. Anime by Chance
    26. Anime Corps
    27. Anime Evo
    28. Anime Girls NYC
    29. The Anime Feminist
    30. Anime Herald
    31. Anime Journeys
    32. Anime Kingdom
    33. Anime Madhouse
    34. Anime Paladine
    35. Anime Q and A
    36. The Anime Rambler
    37. Anime Reviews
    38. Anime Science 101
    39. Anime Sunday
    40. AnimeReview
    41. AnimeWorld.io
    42. Animehead’s Retroworld
    43. The AniMessenger
    44. Animoe.net
    45. ANIMOKU
    46. AniRecs
    47. AniTAY
    48. The Aniwriter
    49. Another Anime Review
    50. Apprentice Mage’s Lounge
    52. Arthifis’ Place
    53. Ash Schwarzer
    54. Atelier Emily (for me, in full bloom)
    55. ATMA & Funomena
    56. Aurabolt’s Anime and Manga
    57. Average Joe Reviews
    58. The Backloggers
    59. That Baka Blog
    60. Bateszi Anime Blog
    61. Beneath the Tangles
    62. BiblioNyan
    63. Black & Yellow Otaku Gamers
    64. blautoothdmand
    65. BlazTavern
    66. Blogs: A Richard Wood Text Adventure
    67. Bloom Reviews
    68. Bryce’s Blog
    69. The Bug Blog
    70. Cain S. Latrani
    71. A Carriage Return
    73. Chikorita157’s Anime Blog
    75. Cobrahs Corner Booth
    76. Coffee Senpai
    77. Confessions of an Overage Otaku
    78. CouchCruisin’
    79. Crackdown Review
    80. Critique of Anime
    81. Curiously Dead Cat
    82. D&A Anime Blog
    83. Daiyamanga
    84. Dawn of the Second Day
    85. Definitive Anime Review
    86. Deluscar
    87. Destiny Senpai
    88. Draggle’s Anime Blog
    89. DycraftReviews
    90. Edgy Anime Teen
    91. Energized and Salty
    92. Exploring The World of Anime and Manga
    93. Fantastic Memes
    94. Flip Flapping!
    95. Floating into Bliss
    96. For Great Justice
    97. For the Otaku
    98. Fueled by Smiling
    99. Fujinsei
    100. GALVANIC
    101. The Geekly Grind
    102. Getting Up Early
    103. A Girl and Her Anime
    104. The Glorio Blog
    105. The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast
    106. Grimmgirl
    107. Hag’s Un-profound Adventures in Writing and Opinion
    108. Haili’s Blog
    109. Hinode Reviews
    110. Hall of Anime Fame
    111. Honey’s Anime
    112. Hue Hue Anime Reviews
    113. Humble Ace
    114. I Drink and Watch Anime
    115. Ideas Without End
    116. In Asian Spaces
    117. In the Cubbyhole
    118. The Infinite Zenith
    119. Iridium Eye Reviews
    120. Isn’t It Electrifying?
    121. It’s an Anime Thing
    122. Japandaman
    123. JapanYay!
    126. Jon Spencer Reviews
    127. The Josei Next Door
    128. Just… My Two Cents
    129. Just Something about LynLyn
    130. Just a Whole Lot of Weird 
    131. Ka-chan Anime Reviews
    134. KimchiSama
    135. Kurumi Shim’s Blog
    137. KYRA DESU YO!
    138. Leap250’s Blog
    139. Lethargic Ramblings
    140. Lesley’s Anime and Manga Corner
    141. Let’s Talk Anime
    142. _LifeIsAniMovie_
    143. The Lily Garden
    144. Lita Kino Anime Corner
    145. Lost in Anime
    146. Lumi Reviews Things
    147. Lynn Sheridan
    148. Mage in a Barrel
    149. Mammoth Base Opera Castle
    150. Manga Tokyo
    151. Manga Toritsukareru Koto
    152. Marshmellow Pastel
    153. Marth’s Anime Reviews
    154. Marvelously Mismatched
    155. Matt Doyle Media
    156. Matt-in-the-Hat
    157. Mechanical Anime Reviews
    158. Medieval Otaku
    159. Mel In Anime Land
    160. Merlin’s Musings
    161. Miandro’s Side
    162. MIB’s Instant Headache
    163. The Mind of the Hybrid One
    164. Mirror Purple
    166. Moe Sucks
    167. #moe404.
    168. Moeronpan
    169. Moles and More
    170. Moonlitasteria
    171. MOREXP
    172. The Moyatorium
    173. My Anime 2Go
    174. My Anime Diary
    175. My Anime Storybook
    176. My Brain is Completely Empty
    177. My Cup of Tea
    178. My Ideas and Words
    179. My Utopia
    180. Naomi’s Anime Blog
    181. Nefarious Reviews
    182. The Nerd Book
    183. The Nerdy Girl News
    184. A Nerdy Perspective
    185. Never Argue with a Fish
    186. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero
    187. Nigorimasen!
    189. Oh No Anime!
    190. The Only Shinyuu Site
    191. OOCentral | The Anime Review
    192. Oprainfall
    193. Ospreyshire’s Realm
    194. The Otaku Judge
    195. Otaku, she wrote
    196. Otaku Lounge
    197. Otaku Nuts
    198. Otaku Orbit
    199. Otaku Review Zone
    200. Otaku Spirit
    201. Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self Respect (OWLS)
    202. The Pantless Anime Blogger
    203. Peach’s Almanac
    204. Perpetual Morning
    205. A Piece of Anime
    206. Pinky’s Palace
    207. Pirates of the Burley Griffin
    208. Plyasm’s wormhole
    209. Plebby’s Den
    210. Pop Culture Literary
    211. Purposely Lackluster
    212. RABUJOI
    213. Radical Rants
    214. Rai’s Anime Blog
    215. Railgunfan75’s Geek Blog
    216. Raistlin0903
    217. Random Curiosity
    218. Rave Anime
    219. The Real Meott
    220. Reasons to Anime
    221. Reilvrein
    222. Renxkyoko’s Space
    223. The Reviewer’s Corner
    225. Ritsu Marika’s Creative Outputs
    226. Rodrovich’s Sporadic Thought-Precipitator
    227. Rory Muses
    228. Ryuji Tatsuya’s Anime Corner
    229. Sakuga Blog
    230. Sakuga City
    231. Sakura Sunrise
    232. Sakuras Galleria – An Anime Blog
    233. Satired of Anime
    234. SayuriCero
    235. ThatRandomEditor’s Anime Blog
    236. The Sawce Pot
    237. Schizoidmouse Squeaks
    238. School Girl Milky Crisis
    239. Season 1 Episode 1
    240. Seasonal Prattle
    241. Secluded Observation
    242. SenpaiNotes
    243. Shallow Dives in Anime
    244. shannaroshoujo
    245. Shay Taree
    246. Shokamoka’s Blog of Wonders
    247. Shoujo Thoughts: Otaku Ramblings
    248. Slice of Al
    251. Standing on My Neck
    252. Star Crossed Anime Blog
    253. Stephanee’s Anime Blog
    254. T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews
    255. Tani’s Anime Blog
    256. The Spooky Red Head
    257. The Toxic Muffin
    258. The Things I’ve Seen
    259. TheBoronHeist
    260. This is My Place
    262. Take Me to the Perfect World
    263. Takuto’s Anime Cafe
    264. Tara’s Anime World
    265. tfwanime
    266. Therefore It Is
    267. Thoughts that Move
    268. Tiny Ugly Animal
    269. The Tiny World of an Anime Amateur
    270. Treasure Box
    271. Two Happy Cats
    272. Umai Yomu Anime Blog
    273. Unsheathed
    274. Unweaving Anime
    275. The Visualist’s Veranda
    276. Wanimu
    277. Watashi wa bucho!!
    278. Weeabros
    279. The Weeb Spot
    280. Welcome to Hell Zone!
    281. When Sirius Writes
    282. Wherever I Look
    283. A Winter’s Reverie
    284. World of Anime Girl
    285. Wormwood (みみドしま  歪んだ白に、真っ直ぐな黒)
    286. Wretched and Divine
    287. Wrong Every Time
    288. Xenodude’s Scribbles
    289. YAOI Playground
    290. YAHARI BENTO!
    291. Yaranakya
    292. Yatti-Tachi
    293. Yuki the Snowman
    294. The Yuri Nation
    295. Yuri Reviews
    296. The Zodiac Room

Retired Sites — Maybe Temporarily?

There are sites that I used to watch, but that appear to have gone inactive. Generally speaking, if I don’t see anything new for six months, I figure the site’s gone dark. If your site’s here and you’ve started publishing again, please do let me know! I try to check these from time to time, but I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking your site’s no longer maintained if you were just resting!

It’s always sad when as site retires…

  1. All Andrealinia
  2. All Hail Haruhi
  3. Animated
  4. AnimePrinceBlog
  5. Anime Plus
  6. Avvesione’s Anime Blog
  7. The Blog God Only Knows
  8. Cards On the Table
  9. Cauthan Reviews
  10. Crimson Blogs
  11. Daniam
  12. Falconhaxx
  13. Fantastical Anime
  14. The Fullmetal Narcissist
  15. Gitopia – This Otaku Life of Mine
  16. Grim’s Inner Otaku
  17. HEAVEN’S FEEL (天国の気味)
  18. Highwire
  20. JAPANime Talks
  21. Jotaku Network
  22. KingDylbagblog
  23. The Limitless Imagination
  24. The Little Anime Blog
  25. Little Cloud Curiosity
  26. Magnitude Anime Reviews
  28. NowTKD
  29. Orderly Chaotic Realm
  30. Otaku Collision
  31. Plain Pasta
  32. Plebby’s Den
  33. Psychime
  34. Quickies Anime Review
  35. Reading Between
  36. Remain in Memories
  37. Slow Anime
  38. Theanimehub
  39. Through the Painting
  40. UEM!
  41. Wasasum Anime Reviews
  43. WeeaboOktau
  44. Your Geeky Sister

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    • tcrow says:

      You’re most welcome! I’m having a lot of fun keeping up with all of the creative and interesting blogs like yours — I almost feel kinda selfish because I’m having so much fun!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kimchi says:

    Oh wow I can only imagine the work it took to link all those accounts. Thank you very much for reading my blog.

    • tcrow says:

      Now that you mention it, it took over a year to build the initial list, but it was only in my bookmarks. So I figured, why now share? And here we are!

      You’re welcome — and thanks for having a blog that’s enjoyable to read!

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    Oh wow! I didn’t realize the Ospreyshire Page was featured on your blog. Thank you very much. However, I do have a blog that focuses on indie movies, anime, documentaries, and short films called Iridium Eye Reviews.

  • Rose says:

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    • tcrow says:

      I know you post summaries of posts found on other sites weekly — isn’t it amazing how many interesting sites there are? So many interesting perspectives!

  • Well… It’s an honor just to be listed, I guess.

    • tcrow says:

      An honor to be listed on this site? I suspect that’s hyperbolic — but I am happy I found your site, because you’re writing some engaging material! So I’m glad I’m able to list it.

  • fiddletwix says:

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    • tcrow says:

      It started just as a way for me to try to keep up with everyone’s posts! Then it took on a life of its own! I’m glad I can include your site — thanks for producing such interesting content!

  • Ty-chama says:

    Hello! What a great idea!I ‘ll definitely be using this list as a reference point when looking for something to read! I’d love it if you could include my blog too, as, even though I work very hard on my posts, I’m struggling to get much exposure (bigging myself up really goes against my nature)!

    • tcrow says:

      I’ve added Watashi wa boucho!!. Thanks for asking me to add it!

      • Ty-chama says:

        I know that this is going to make me sound like a massive douche, but it’s bucho, as in the Japanese word for boss… Sorry to have to correct you! Please don’t hate me! I appreciate you adding me to the list!

        • tcrow says:

          Not at all — glad you caught it! I’m going to have to have words with the quality assurance staff here at CWOA. They mess up all the time!

          Yeah, that means I’m going to have a stern discussion with myself, but it sounds so much more professional the other way!

          Thanks again for catching my typo!

  • Wow, what an incredible list of equally incredible bloggers—and to think my place is up there on that list, I’m stunned! Thanks so much for not only linking me, but also for just stopping by and reading a post or two of mine. There are quite a few names here I do not know, but I’m excited to do a little exploring now thanks to you!

    • tcrow says:

      I’m glad it looks like the list will help you find some new sites. I’m probably sounding repetitious, but I’m just amaze at the number of interesting sites out there!

  • Oh wow, this is an incredible list. Thank you for including my blog, it’s really encouraged me to keep writing :)!

  • Ardent Dawn says:

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    I found so many awesome bloggers through this list, before I started writing. It’s awesome to now be part of it!

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  • I thank you for being one of my regular readers then, I am so glad you are enjoying the content! Thanks for the shout out!

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    • tcrow says:

      I’m happy to list your site!

      It _does_ take some time, but it’s rewarding. There are so many great anime blogs out there, and I’m happy to do my part to raise awareness!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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