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xxxHOLiC Episode 9: Favorites

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xxxHOLiC Episode 9 – Quick Summary

In xxxHOLiC episode 9, “Pinky Promise,” Watanuki was on his way to start work at Yuuko’s place when he saw a couple arguing. Watanuki being Watanuki, he didn’t hesitate to stick his nose in someone else’s business. Casually, he asked what was going on. But the man and woman rushed off. Later, the woman, Ran, showed up at Yuuko’s shop. What was she looking for? What had Watanuki interrupted? And just how many rings does Yuuko have to give away?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from xxxHOLiC Episode 9

xxxHOLiC Episode 9: Yuuko knows how to project gravitas!

Yuuko certainly knows how to sell a dramatic moment! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Yuuko knows exactly how to push Watanuki’s buttons. I was going to say it’s partly his fault for letting Yuuko know about his feelings for Himawari, but then it occurred to me: Yuuko would know anyway. So he’s just going to have to get used to it.

Throughout the whole episode, the cast talked about the red string of fate that supposedly tied together the pinkies of lovers. At the end of the episode, Watanuki tempted fate – and Yuuko’s sense of humor – by asserting that he had a future with Himawari.

Yuuko put on her most serious face and said she could read Watanuki’s destiny. He swallowed in fear. She said (21:50), “Your red string of destiny…”

Watanuki was sweating.

“… Is connected to Doumeki-kun!”

Watanuki collapsed to the floor before she added, “Just kidding.”

Seriously. The guy’s got to get a better sense of humor! Otherwise he’ll be on high blood pressure medicine before he’s 25!

Favorite Moment from xxxHOLiC Episode 9

xxxHOLiC Episode 9: Nothing Watanuki does seems to surprise Doumeki anymore

I’m pretty sure nothing surprises Doumeki. Especially where Watanuki is concerned! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: The Pipe Fox Has Arrived!

I’m not going to say this episode felt boring, because it didn’t. But among all of the episodes of xxxHOLiC, this might be my least favorite. Except for three things: my favorite quote, my favorite moment, and the fact that we got to meet the awesome pipe fox for the first time!

The pipe fox rocks.

The pipe fox is pocket-sized. The pocket fox is affectionate. In times of danger, the pipe fox protects. If you’re lost, the pipe fox can put you back on track. The pipe fox has an adorable, cute little squeak. And for some reason, the pipe fox seems to really like Watanuki.

xxxHOLiC Episode 9: The pipe fox is here!

The pipe fox is here! It’s a good day. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Speaking of the pipe fox, the little dude played a big role in my favorite moment. He had a tendency to wrap itself around Watanuki’s neck. At times, it got playful and dove into Watanuki’s shirt. Which was fine, unless Watanuki was in public. Which he was for my favorite moment.

Delivery: Watanuki’s Dance Moves

Watanuki was (reluctantly) helping Doumeki put away the soccer balls after practice. Of course, Watanuki groused about it. As he wound up for even more complaining, the pipe fox attacked. And by “attacked,” I mean unleashed a fury of tickles on Watanuki. 

Watanuki threw himself into weird dance moves that, I have to admit, showed some serious physical prowess. If I tried even a third of those moves, I’m pretty sure my bones wouldn’t survive.

xxxHOLiC Episode 9: Watanuki has some serious dance moves! Well, maybe "serious" is the wrong word...

Watanuki seems very bendy. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Doumeki watched in silence for a few moments, then, in a very serious, dry voice, asked (12:38), “That some kind of new dance for showing protest?”

Their dynamic is hilarious. But they get each other, you know? They get where each other is coming from. Though I think it would take a ton of self-reflection and considerably more bravery than he’s demonstrated until now for Watanuki to admit it!

What did you think of the pipe fox saving Ran and Yoshiki’s pinkies from certain death? What were your favorite moments from this episode? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “xxxHOLiC Episode 9: Favorites

  1. Interesting. You find this episode borderline boring but for the pipe fox, yet I found a lot to unpack here – albiet all little things. I love how Watanuki is internally spazzing while Himawari is talking about the red threat – and then Doumecki inserts the firm voice of reality. And as soon as I noted that down in writing, I realized that the voice acting and casting here is so purposeful. Watanuki with his high pitched, and often semi-hysterical voice, and then Doumecki with the deep, firm, strong voice of reality bringing the conversation back to earth. Boom.

    I personally loved that little moment of Watanuki walking to work and planning his day in his head. Just because that is truly so slice of life. I do that pretty much every morning when I wake up.

    As it happens at this point in time, August of the 110 heat every day (down from 120 in July – ooo – a wave of cool) is killing me. So seriously, that moment of Yuuko passed out from the heat spoke to me.

    Then the Sujo in the water bottle! You see, Yuuki IS my anime version. It is never wise to pick up what appears to be my glass of water and take a gulp. It may be vodka. And Yuuki and I are not at all alone – Billie Holiday was infamous for the same thing. That glass of water sitting on the piano while she sang was NOT water. But one of the best moments of my dancing career was a customer saying “There’s only water in that so-called cocktail I bought you anyway.” I dared him to take a sip. It was straight vodka. The look on his face as he gasped and sputtered. I downed the rest and asked sweetly for another of those pricey cocktails and he paid without a whimper. So there. Hah. (Pure luck, too. I sold many of those drinks in a night, so to keep me from being plastered only every other one, sometimes every third one, was actually vodka – some were water. LOL)

    I love Yuuki telling the young woman there is no such thing as coincidence. Funnily enough, it also reminds me that Gibbs of NCIS also does not believe in coincidence. Both characters look for the underlying, not obvious, cause…

    And you really shouldn’t like to Yuuki, Ran. There’s just no point. You also shouldn’t lie to your dates. I have never seen a problem with dating more than one person – the problem is if you are lying to one or more of them that they are your true love, or exclusive. Long as everyone is HONEST about it, having several relationships at once is perfectly okay IMHO

    And pipe fox!!!!!!! love pipe fox!!!!!!! Squeak!

    1. I’m glad you pointed out what you liked about this episode. Even though I try to be aware of this within myself, I’m affected by the kind of drama/action that blew me away in Star Wars in 1977. I’ve read essays by Ursula K. Le Guin that spoke of violence and action as a narrative’s climax, and I found her points persuasive. But when I get tired, I revert to form — so I look for some kind of action, either physical, emotional, psychological — whatever.

      And you’re right. The episode deserved a better response from me!

      “I downed the rest and asked sweetly for another of those pricey cocktails and he paid without a whimper.”

      That cool! I respect that. Good timing, too — though it sounds like you could have handled that adroitly, too.

      I haven’t seen NCIS in too long. I miss Gibbs — and his relationship to Ziva David. I like the actress, Cote de Pablo, so much I “cast” her in a role in the book I’m writing now. I pick actors to help me visualize characters. She plays Aurora Herrera, the VP of Security for Advanced Defense Solutions out of Puente Alto, Chile.

      Well. That got off track.

      Is it even possible to like to Yuuko? What’s her view of space/time? I have a feeling she sees pretty much everything.

      And relationships… ever read Dune? In one of the later books, the God Emperor of Dune lamented humanity’s tendency to limit its forms of expression — for no good reason. Every day reminds me of Ray Bradbury’s observation that humans are “too soon from the cave, too far from the stars.”

      And now I’m off track. Again. Your observations made too many mental connections.

      Or maybe the right number? It’s hard to say, lacking context, and yes, I do plan to write more of the novel tonight. It’s showing up in my random associations, isn’t it?

      And yes. The pipe fox rocks, in all of its forms.

      1. It’s such a relief to have someone who has so many of the same references and background to come from – Dune, Ray Bradbury, and more modern like NCIS (Ziva is such a complex character) I love hearing about where and how you get all your book character ideas. I know that feeling of really liking a character and thinking…but what if they developed in this direction, or were in this situation, or met that character… and off we go. I have noticed for the last decade or two and it becomes more and more prevalent a tendency in all forms of entertainment media to really make it all about the action and excitement and drama, sometimes at the expense of a coherent story line or any story line. Perhaps I am too picky as I have wide interests, from True Crime to Scifi and fantasy and so when the story does not hang together it bugs me – if the conclusion of a mystery does not match the clues the readers are given, it’s dissatisfying. If halfway through a movie I look at my hubby – who’s a pretty bright fella – and say, wait, why are they trying to do this? and he looks back and goes…uh… uh… just watch the movie LOL then I am dissatisfied from then on. Action is great, don’t get me wrong, I love action as much as the next guy. But I have to have reasons, too. And, of course, explaining the reasons might slow the action down now and then…

        1. I have a similar outlook. It actually makes it hard for me to figure out how to market it. My work tends to be a little more intellectual, with an emphasis on character-driven plot. At least, that’s what I tell myself! Maybe I just suck at marketing.

          Well, I guess could be an AND kind of thing…

          My wife and I are the same way watching movies. I think that’s why we liked The Rock so well. At least as far as I could see, the plot and characters held together well (“I drive a Volvo. A beige one.”). That made the action more impactful — and just more fun to watch!

          1. If there was anything I missed being an independent author rather than going the traditional publishing route, it was having someone ELSE to do marketing – because I hate it and I suck at it. It is rough for indies in that way. You have to wear all the hats…

              1. There there. *patpatpat* I’m sorry. I have nothing else. Because, well, what I did learn about working algorhythims re:Amazon I don’t even want to pass on. And it’s probably not true now ten years later anyway. I think we just have to put our babies, ahem, I mean books, out there and trust the Universe that the people who are really dying to have something like that to read will find them. Sigh.

    1. Cool! I’d love to read your review of it if you have time to post it on your site!

      It’s a bummer the next season didn’t get licensed. Years ago, I found a DVD on eBay. But when I got it, it had the Aniplex logo, but it said, “Anime.”

      I was like, “Uh oh!” I checked its country of origin — Malaysia. It’s the only (known) time I bought a bootleg, and it was completely by accident. Of course, I can’t review that! So I’ll be stuck with the first season.

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