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xxxHOLiC Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Inevitable

xxxHOLiC Episode 1: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 1, “The Inevitable,” Kimihiro Watanuki had a problem. He could see spirits. What’s more, he could interact with them. In fact, he had to interact with them, because they frequently tried to pile on top of him. Of course, this drew the stares of the rest of the population, who could not see them. All of that changed, though, when he touched the fence around a strange little shop nestled amid the city buildings. Whose shop was it? Why did its fence give him some relief? And does Kimihiro yell as much as I remember?

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Episode 2: Falsehood

xxxHOLiC Episode 2: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 2, “Falsehood,” Kimihiro Watanuki could not help but think Yuuko Ichihara used “coercive sales” tactics. Why? Because Yuuko’s new customer, Rin, seemed confused and borderline desperate, and Yuuko went right to the sales pitch. Or did she? Was she really trying a hard-sell to get her infamous equitable payment? Or was something else going on? How far is Kimihiro willing to go to find out?

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Episode 3: Angel

xxxHOLiC Episode 3: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 3, “Angel,” Himawari Kunogi delighted Kimihiro Watanuki by going to Yuuko Ichihara and asking for a favor. Apparently, a nearby school was going through a series of unfortunate events, and Himawari suspected it was because of Angel, a “game” similar to the ouija board. Watanuki’s delight turned to dread when Yuuko volunteered him to lead the expedition. And worse, he had to go with Shizuka Doumeki! What will they find in the school? Why does even Yuuko seem a little apprehensive? And what in the world is Watanuki wearing when he arrives on site?

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Episode 4: Fortune Telling

xxxHOLiC Episode 4: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 4, “Fortune-Telling,” Yuuko wanted Watanuki to experience a fortune-teller. However, when they arrived at the place of business, Yuuko could tell without entering that the establishment had changed ownership. Going inside to check out who was telling fortunes now, they met a very nice woman who told Watanuki many things – much to Yuuko’s barely veiled disgust. Why did Yuuko react that way? Why the the fortune-teller make Watanuki feel so good? And what happened to the fortune teller that Yuuko knew?

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Episode 5: Game of Letters

xxxHOLiC Episode 5: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 5, “Game of Letters,” Watanuki felt obligated to watch Doumeki compete in a municipal archery tournament. Not wanting to go alone, Watanuki invited Himawari. He should have been in heaven, right? Well, he was – except he also had to listen to Himawari say nice things about Doumeki. It didn’t help that Doumeki slipped the clipped arrow into Watanuki’s pack after the match. Distracted by his thoughts, Watanuki headed home – only to realize he had come upon a ramen stand. And it wasn’t run by a human. Where had Watanuki ended up? Is the ramen safe? And why did Doumeki give him the clipped arrow?

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Episode 6: Indulgence

xxxHOLiC Episode 6: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 6, “Indulgence,” Watanuki had the unenviable job of going to the pharmacy. Was Yuuko suffering from a terrible malady like gastritis? A stomach flu? No, she had a hangover. And to hear her talk, it was the worst hangover that ever was or ever could be. Will Watanuki’s medicine do the trick? If it does, what new trouble will she convinced him to get into? And will the medicine Watanuki bought even work on Mokona?

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Episode 7: Hydrangea

xxxHOLiC Episode 7: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 7, “Hydrangea,” a very rude Ame-warashi appeared out of nowhere and smacked Watanuki on the head with her umbrella. Then she announced it was his lucky day, because she was about to give him a command. And what was this command? To take her to Yuuko! Once there, Ame-warashi admitted she needed Yuuko’s help. And by “Yuuko’s” help, she of course meant Watanuki’s. What did Watanuki have to do now? Did it involve Doumeki? And what will Yuuko demand as payment?

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Episode 8: Contract

xxxHOLiC Episode 8: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 8, “Contract,” Watanuki worked hard, but complained loudly, as he cleaned Yuuko’s warehouse. The warehouse contained items customers had used as payment for Yuuko’s services. Nanami, an aspiring teacher and writer, happened by and asked about a sleek cylinder that had escaped Watanuki’s notice. Nanami took the item despite Yuuko warning against it. Why did Yuuko look so stern? Just how dangerous is the artifact? And why didn’t Nanami listen to Yuuko’s warning?

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Episode 9: Pinky Promise

xxxHOLiC Episode 9: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 9, “Pinky Promise,” Watanuki was on his way to start work at Yuuko’s place when he saw a couple arguing. Watanuki being Watanuki, he didn’t hesitate to stick his nose in someone else’s business. Casually, he asked what was going on. But the man and woman rushed off. Later, the woman, Ran, showed up at Yuuko’s shop. What was she looking for? What had Watanuki interrupted? And just how many rings does Yuuko have to give away?

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Episode 10: Lamplight

xxxHOLiC Episode 10: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 10, “Lamplight,” it was summer and time for summer romance! Watanuki wanted to ask Himawari on a date, but, well, he’s Watanuki. Yuuko to his rescue — sort of. She suggested a group date. Watanuki’s hopes soared just as she dropped the other shoe – Doumeki would go with them. They rented a room at Doumeki’s family’s temple to tell ghost stories. But with Yuuko present, they weren’t just any ghost stories. Something in the next room was lively – much more lively than a corpse should have been. And whatever it is seemed keen on getting to Watanuki!

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Episode 11: Confession

xxxHOLiC Episode 11: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 11, “Confession,” Yuuko asked Watanuki to make ohagi, which he did with his usual amazing culinary skills. The result was a big hit, especially with Mokona, who ate their body weight (and more). Mokona, though, saved one for Watanuki – to give to Himawari! But this is Watanuki, so you know it won’t be easy. And actually, it’s worse than you think. What happened to the ohagi? To Watanuki? And just who are those little guys riding surf boards through the air?

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Episode 12: Summer Shade

xxxHOLiC Episode 12: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 12, “Summer Shade,” Yuuko took WatanukiHimawari, and Doumeki to a vacation house near the ocean. Guess who had to carry most of the baggage? Yep – Watanuki! Though Yuuko and Doumeki both seemed oddly hopeful that Watanuki would ask for help. They got settled in. That night, Watanuki heard odd scratching sounds on the other side of his bedroom’s wall, where another room should not have been. What’s making those sounds? Will he investigate? And if he does, will he finally ask Doumeki for help?

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Episode 13: Transfiguration

xxxHOLiC Episode 13: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 13, “Transfiguration,” the school year had just started, and Watanuki got to sit beside Himawari outside for art class. They saw a fellow student quietly sitting and working on her drawing. Her two friends, seeing the work, asked if she would do their work for them. Later, Watanuki saw the same quiet girl abruptly shut down those two girls as they attempted to extort money from her. And as the quiet girl walked away, Watanuki saw small, white-feathered spirit wings sprouting on her back. Were they a sign of her freedom? The results of a beneficial spirit? If so, then why did Yuuko incinerate one of the feathers on sight?

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Episode 14: Seal

xxxHOLiC Episode 14: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 14, “Seal,” Yuuko and Mokona went shopping, and Watanuki tagged along. They saw twins buying some flounder – nice flounder, flown in from Dover. Watanuki thought Yuuko coveted the fish. But she really saw something disturbing about the sisters. What, she wouldn’t say, but Watanuki had a bad feeling about it. Why was one sister so upbeat and the other so gloomy? What had Yuuko seen? And how many more times will Watanuki buy lunch for Doumeki?

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Episode 15: Release

xxxHOLiC Episode 15: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 15, “Release,” Watanuki learned the truth of Yuuko’s warning about “words,” which was: “They are frightening, words…” Watanuki could see the damage the older twin sister did to herself with her words. Watanuki being Watanuki, he wanted to help. But what could he do? Was there anything Doumeki could do to help? And is the younger twin sister really as nice as she appears?

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Episode 16: Reunion

xxxHOLiC Episode 16: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 16, “Reunion,” Watanuki had a problem. The pipe fox that had saved his life in previous episodes had not returned to its adorable, pocket-sized form. It remained enormous. But that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that it still wanted to frolic with Watanuki as if it were tiny. Watanuki’s back was going to need serious medical attention if something didn’t change – and change soon! Then a bamboo packet of fried tofu showed up, and the pipe fox’s large size was the least of Watanuki’s problems.

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Episode 17: Self-Mutilation

xxxHOLiC Episode 17: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 17, “Self-Mutilation,” Nurie had a problem. She had a tendency to throw herself into traffic and otherwise sabotage her life. Kind-hearted (and spastic) Watanuki wanted to help, and he even thought he saw evidence of the spirit world in Nurie’s life. Yuuko asked that Watanuki bring Nurie to her. What’s the real problem? Is it a case for Yuuko? And how many times did Watanuki freak out in this episode?

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Episode 18: Ground Cherry

xxxHOLiC Episode 18: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 18, “Ground Cherry,” Watanuki had to clean Yuuko’s treasure warehouse – again – when he came across a picture of a human-form cat carrying a huge ground cherry. Before he could puzzle out its meaning, the cat sprang through the picture and landed on Watanuki! Why had the cat come to visit? Why was the ground cherry so huge? And how many times will Watanuki freak out in this episode?

Episode 19: Unreasonable

xxxHOLiC Episode 19: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 19, “Unreasonable,” Yuuko continued making massive demands on Watanuki’s time. The demands even followed him to school. In his locker he found, instead of a love letter, an invitation from Yuuko. She invited him, Doumeki, and Himawari to the snowy park. Why a park – after a major snowstorm? Why bring Doumeki and Himawari? And who else did Yuuko invite?

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Episode 20: Atonement

xxxHOLiC Episode 20: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 20, “Atonement,” it was almost Valentine’s day, and Yuuko wanted some chocolate desserts. Not just any chocolate desserts – she wanted fancy chocolate desserts! Watanuki would have been angry about that, but he saw an opportunity to give Himawari a tasty treat! How will Doumeki interrupt that scene (because you know he will)? How long will Watanuki rant about it? And what’s that woman with a string-wrapped envelope doing in Yuuko’s shop?

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Episode 21: Nail Clipper

xxxHOLiC Episode 21: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 21, “Nail Clipper,” Watanuki looked forward to a day off. He was getting ready to leave work when Yuuko asked if he was wearing new shoes. He proudly declared that he was. She asked him if he first put them on last night, and when she learned he had, she expressed concern. Not believing in superstitions, Watanuki turned to leave – and promptly tripped over his own shoelaces. Was there something to what Yuuko said? Will Watanuki figure it out? Or will one of those superstitions force the issue?

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Episode 22: Temptations

xxxHOLiC Episode 22: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 22, “Temptations,” Watanuki was being his usual overworked, spastic self. He thought Yuuko would be home any minute, so he was trying to get everything ready – including nukadoko. Suddenly, he saw someone at the gate. Assuming the woman was there to see Yuuko, he tried to explain her absence – but the woman was actually there to see him! Who is this mysterious woman? What does she want from Watanuki? And what has Yuuko gotten herself into?

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Episode 23: Choices

xxxHOLiC Episode 23: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 23, “Choices,” Watanuki regained consciousness as Maru and Moro were dragging him to the entrance gate. They couldn’t leave the grounds, but they were trying to get medical assistance for him – because he obviously needed it. They had some plan – just hurling him outside wouldn’t help him. What’re they hoping to do? Will Mayuko try to see him again, despite it obviously being unhealthy for him? And when will Yuuko get back?

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Episode 24: Side Story: Reminiscence

xxxHOLiC Episode 24: Favorites

In xxxHOLiC episode 24, “Side Story: Reminiscence,” as a young boy, Watanuki began to see strange things – like a forearm with an attached hand hanging in a tree. Since no one else could see it, he tried to ignore it. But that tactic failed when the arm began following him. Finally, it cornered him against a river bank. Can these things actually hurt Watanuki? If so, how can he avoid injury? And just how fast can that hand move?

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