Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10: Of Men and Zombies

Quick Summary of Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10

In Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10, “The SAGA of How These Zombies Will Get Their Revenge,” we learn more about what happened in the events leading up to the disaster at Ekimae Rudosan Stadium (EFS). That includes the special significance the venue had for Ai! Koutarou’s announcement that he had book the stadium had well-documented results, including a twenty million yen debt. We saw in this season’s episode 1 how the idols had to get jobs. In this episode, we find out that the idea to apply their own makeup came from an unlikely source — or maybe it was obvious all along! Finally, we learn something very, very interesting from the old bartender: something that sets the stage for the final episodes of the season. Assuming the idols survive until then!

Welcome to Our Review of Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10

Welcome to our collaboration review of Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10! Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime and I have teamed up to give you our reactions to the misadventures of our favorite undead idols. 

The weather here in Ohio has been typical: Chilly, chilly, chilly, then sauna. We’ll stay at sauna until about September. How has your week been, Irina? 

We were in sauna mode. In fact we were in an extreme heat warning for a few days at the beginning of the week and yesterday I had to put on a vest to go out. That’s Monttreal for you. It’s nice today. I can be inside in a t-shirt which I couldn’t yesterday but I’m by no means hot. Like I could throw on a long sleeve t-shirt and still be very comfortable. 

When I was reviewing Horimiya with Moya, we used to talk about the weather on just about every post. I missed it!

Opening Thoughts on Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10

This episode shed a little more light on the lore underlying the series. The episode wasn’t as much about our reporter friend Ookoba as the previews led me to believe. However, he played a role. Irina, before we get started, do you have any opening thoughts?

You know, I often start Zombie Land Saga Revenge episodes wondering if the show has diminishing returns for me. Like I’m still enjoying it a lot and I think the storylines are just as good as they were in season 1, maybe better in some cases, but the novelty has worn off a bit. And then I end most episodes thinking, no it’s amazing.

This episode was the same.  

Review of Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10

Koutarou and EFS

This episode seemed to have four goals. First, it had to remind us just how devastated Franchouchou had been after playing at EFS. Second, it had to show us how resilient the idols had become in the aftermath of that disaster. Third, the episode had to up the tension through Ookoba confronting Koutarou with evidence that the undead walked the Earth! And finally, the episode filled us in on some important aspects of the show’s lore. That included how the curse had affected the members of Franchouchou!

For the first seven minutes or so, we watched as Koutarou announced their gig at EFS. Ai seemed much more shocked than the test, and for good reason. The stadium wouldn’t be renamed to Ekimae Rudosan Stadium (EFS) until next week. Now, Ai knew it as Best Amenity Stadium. That’s the stadium in which she gave her last performance.

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10: Ai didn't like hearing about their next venue

Ai didn’t seem happy about their next venue. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Talk about setting the tone!

Led partly by Sakura’s optimism, Franchouchou tried to prepare. But nothing could prepare them for the feeling of walking out onto the stage and seeing, like, a hundred people. In a stadium that could hold 25,000. Lily summed it up: “The entire crowd… Fits inside the penalty area.”

Franchouchou Went All In

Their die-hard fans watched. When Franchouchou exited the stage, one asked, “Should we call for an encore?” The taller one answered, “That’d just be too cruel.”

The next couple of shots showed just how shattered each member felt. The most affecting shot showed Junko sitting on the roof, Tae’s head in her lap. I feel compelled to mention that Tae’s body was, in fact, connected to her head. This is Zombie Land Saga, after all.

What did you think of these scenes, Irina?

I continue to be amazed at how harrowing Zombie Land Saga can make a failed concert seem. Like those scenes were hard to watch. In a good way. When you consider the events of the show. The fact that each of the main characters is a very young girl that was killed, sometimes actively killed, in the prime of her life, you would think that contrasting a show that didn’t have that many fans with it would make it seem quaint. And silly as a tragic element.

But with all the over the top antics and comedy reactions and of course zombies, the failure of the EFS show is always treated very soberly and realistically. The business part is well established, the emotional and intellectual blowback on the girls individually and as a group shown without embellishment. 

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10: The failure at EFS felt devastating

When Zombie Land wants to go bleak, it goes bleak. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The Effectively Set Mood

Because of that, I’m almost desperate for their current concert to be a success. It also really frames the “Revenge” aspect of Zombie Land Saga Revenge, in such a great way. A revenge concert subverts the expectations that world in the title brings up and yet it perfectly fits the season. It also adds a nice clear focus to everything that’s happening. 

Wait, I didn’t answer the question. I really liked these scenes. I think the sequence was particularly good.

For weeks, the idols couldn’t shake the gloom. Koutarou, of course, became a complete drunk, leaving the idols to their own devices. They felt trapped. Without Koutarou to apply their makeup and give them money, they couldn’t even go shopping. 

Until they could. It was awesome which zombie showed them how it was done. As they all lamented their fate, Tae walked into the room. She had obviously applied her own makeup, and she carried several grocery bags. One, of course, contained the packages of the squid she loved so much. She’d found Koutarou’s secret cash stash, and she had done what she had to!

She looked absolutely adorable sitting on the floor, her makeup childlike, as she happily munched her squid. I want to mention the outstanding job that Kotono Mitsuishi, Tae’s voice actor, turned in for this episode. Seriously, with just a few grunts and tones, she conveyed a lot of emotion! 

Tae Helps Franchouchou Get Back on Track

Irina, what’d you think of Tae’s initiative?

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10: Tae showed them the way

Tae showed the other idols how to get back in the saddle. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Oh wait, we’re still talking about the flashback. I sort of prematurely put it all out there in my earlier paragraphs.

I thought Tea was a fun bit of comic relief. It was a good way to move the plot along while giving all the Tea fans a good reason to tune in this week.

In today’s climate that often doesn’t treat journalists with the respect they deserve, I found Zombie Land’s depiction of Ookoba to be blessedly neutral. The dude obviously has an amazing story on his hands, complete with a shot of Sakura having to chase down Tae’s head. So, he’s going to want to print it! First, though, he wanted to talk to Koutarou.

The reporter found Franchouchou’s manager standing in the stands of EFS. When the reporter introduced himself to the manager, Koutarou said, “I always read your articles.” Earlier in the episode, Ai had mentioned that Ookoba often covered their concerts, and because he mixed legitimate criticism with praise, she trusted him.

Ookoba Puts His Cards on the Table

Ookoba shared some of the photos he had that linked each member (except number 5, Yuugiri) to their deceased counter parts. Koutarou looked on impassively. The reporter seemed shocked at the lack of reaction. Even pressing harder by saying he could have their graves exhumed, the manager only said that he intended for them to perform here again.

“You need to stop turning the dead into entertainment!” Ookoba said, seemingly honestly angry on behalf of the idols (18:30). He said he would do whatever he could to stop the concert.

Ookoba seemed to have his heart in the right place...

Ookoba’s heart might be in the right place… Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

What do you think of the reporter’s perspective, Irina? He’s got to be conflicted, given how several of their concerts seemed to genuinely move him.

I’m not sure how much is genuine concern for the girls. Some of it maybe. But he is deciding a whole lot without talking to them. Then again, the idol industry is quite rough. I don’t blame him for being concerned. I mean he should be just as concerned for the live ones as well. 

The Real Antagonist

I always thought that having the reporter as the only real antagonist of the series was a great move. First it’s always interesting to have a “good” antagonist. As in a character with good intentions that the audience can root for that simply has conflicting goals but reasonable and genuine goals. But from a practical standpoint. I’m not sure writing his article would have the effect he thinks. 

I mean it could make Franchouchou more popular than it could ever have been otherwise. The group that some crazy reporter thinks are zombies? I would go see that even if I had no interest in their music. And if the girls themselves convince the audience they enjoy performing, which shouldn’t be too hard seeing as they really do, then any backlash the article could generate wil die down quickly.

Now we get to the part of the episode that, at least from the perspective of the show’s lore, interested me the most. After the confrontation with Ookoba, Koutarou retreated to our favorite immortal bar tender’s bar. The bartender didn’t seem to feel very surprised that the reporter had found out. “I’m kind of surprised no one caught on sooner,” he said.

We got confirmation of something I’d wondered about. Is Koutarou himself a zombie? It seems not, because the bartender said something about “To think that gloomy, half-crazed kid I met 12 years ago could pull all this off…” So, it seems like the living Koutarou met the bartender. 

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10: The bartender seemed impressed with Koutarou's accomplishments

The bartender seemed honestly impressed that Koutarou had accomplished as much as he had. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The Bartender’s Prophecy

That was interesting and fun to watch. But then Koutarou mentioned his desire to prevent the bartender’s prophecy from coming true. It said something cataclysmic would happen at the beginning of the Reiwa era — something that would be so terrible people would never think of Saga again.

The manager’s resolve seemed to impress the bartender, because he said something that seemed terrifying, from the perspective of the idols. “Taking girls who were killed by the curse, who would have brought glory to Saga…”

Did the curse kill the original Ai, Junko, Tae, Lily, Saki, and Yuugiri — because they might have made the Saga of their time memorable? Then what about Sakura?

Irina, what’d you think of that development?

At the beginning of the episode, Koutarou said something along the lines of “You will be legendary, all of you are already legends after all, almost all of you.” Singling out Sakura as the one that hadn’t made a mark on the world. So maybe she’s the exception. Maybe she’s the one Koutarou brought back for selfish reasons.

Then again, she did want to be an idol so the potential for bringing fame to Saga while she was still alive is there. 

Sakura did not appreciate being singled out as the only non-legendary member of Franchouchou

Sakura did not appreciate being singled out as the only non-legendary member of Franchouchou. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Closing Thoughts about Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10

The episode ended on an ominous note. During a terrible, almost supernatural storm, power cut out for Saga. The bartender clutched his chest and said, “Oh, hell, here it comes…”

The last thing we see is the zombie’s mansion sinking into the ground! 

So, Irina, any closing thoughts?

That was such an amazing cliff-hanger. I was like no… you can’t do that to me. Best cliffhanger of the season!

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