Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode Guide

Episode 1: Good Morning Returns SAGA

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 1: The Spirit Of Squid

In Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 1, “Good Morning Returns SAGA,” we find something shocking. Our favorite zombie idols have taken mundane jobs! Ai works at a squid processing plant, where she at least got to sing the company’s anthem. Sakura’s brushing cattle, and the rest had to get jobs, too. It seemed that their manager, Koutarou Tatsumi, booked them in a stadium that could hold 30,000 people. They sold 500 tickets. So now they have debt. But it’s worse than that. Koutarou has retreated into the bottle, which left Franchouchou on their own to decide what to do next. Did that failure of a concert in the stadium destroy their chances? Can they even try to perform without a manager? And what the heck is up with Koutarou?

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Episode 2: The SAGA of an Almost-Broken Radio

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 2: The Winds Of Mt. Kyogatake

In Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 2, “The SAGA of an Almost-Broken Radio,” Kotarou is back to his old self, and he’s trying to come up with ideas. His genius idea this week is getting Franchouchou back into the public’s eye by hosting a soft news segment. That provoked some interest among the zombie idols. Then Kotarou mentioned that they’d have a special guest — someone named The White Ryu. Saki acted starstruck. How does Saki know The White Ryu? Who is the guy? And why is his hair like that?

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Episode 3: The Acoustic SAGA of Love and Youth

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 3: Junko Unplugged

In Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 3, “The Acoustic SAGA of Love and Youth,” Koutarou Tatsumi had some good news and some bad news for the members of Franchouchou. First, the good news: He had booked them as the opening act for an upcoming large concert! Next, the bad news: The group they’ll open for is Iron Frill — the group that Ai used to lead! Ai’s understandably nervous about being that close to her old group until Koutarou says she won’t be in that concert. He doesn’t want her that close. So, Ai hands off her role as lead choreographer and group senpai to Junko. Junko felt honored, but her experience was as a solo idol. Can she possibly fill Ai’s shoes? Especially as the group they’re opening for got to where they are in no small part due to Ai’s leadership — before her death by lightning?

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Episode 4: Pure-Hearted Electric SAGA

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 4: Junko Plugged In

In Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 4, “Pure-Hearted Electric SAGA,” Junko and Sakura agreed to keep Iron Frill’s offer to Ai secret. However, Junko just could not put it aside. The other idols noticed it, too, and they all worried about Junko. They also worried about opening for Iron Frill — and that show was rapidly getting closer! Will they be able to get ready? Will they even settle on which song’s they’ll perform? Or will they repeat the disaster that almost turned Koutarou into Eren Yeager

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Episode 5: Little Bodda Bope SAGA

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 5: Experience Matters

In Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 5, “Little Bodda Bope SAGA,” Lily Hoshikawa does the unthinkable: She usurped Koutarou Tatsumi in their morning meeting! The poor confused man could only take a seat with the rest of Franchouchou to hear Lily’s idea. And what was Lily’s idea? She wanted to compete on a national talent contest to raise awareness of Franchouchou! With the rest of Franchouchou enthusiastically behind her, she arrived at the venue. Only she wasn’t the only one with the bright idea to compete. Who is this other person? Does he represent a threat? And what does Sakura Minamoto see him do when he thought no one was watching?

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Episode 6: Walking Bet SAGA

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 6: Tae’s Big Adventure

In Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 6, “Walking Bet SAGA,” Koutarou Tatsumi, still stinging from Lily Hoshikawa’s impromptu take-over or his morning meeting back in episode 5, cautiously entered the meeting. At first, they all basked in the after-glow of their success opening for Iron Frill. Then, Koutarou dropped the bad news: They couldn’t make any plans for more shows because they were still in debt. Like, to the tune of ¥20,000,000 (or about $185,000 US). How can they ever pay that back? With that specter hanging over them, they went out on their errands. It was Tae Yamada’s turn to buy groceries. However, she managed to attract the attention of reporter Shinta Okoba. What will he see if he trails her all day? Could he make trouble for Franchouchou? And who else will Tae meet on her grocery run?

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Episode 7: Maimai Revolution SAGA

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 7: Leaving For A Distant Journey

In Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 7, “Maimai Revolution SAGA,” Maimai Yuzuriha, a big fan of Franchouchou, skipped towards the bath house. Managing somehow to trip on a small twig, she broke her glasses, but that didn’t slow her down! Saying it made her lens look as pretty as a kaleidoscope, she continued her journey. Unfortunately, she could read the signage and ended up walking into the men’s bath. Koutarou Tatsumi chose that moment to lose control of his bar of soap. Unerringly, Maimai’s foot found it, and she slammed head first into the tile floor. What will Koutarou do with the apparently dead young woman lying before him? Did Franchouchou just get its newest member? Or will its members have to visit their manager in jail?

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Episode 8: The Saga Incident, Part I

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 8: Kiichi-Han’s Saga

In Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 8, “The Saga Incident, Part 1,” we get transported back to The Autumn of Meiji 14 (1881), when Yuugiri originally lived. Her employer was a well-positioned and kindly government official. Seeing that she was so legendary that the bidding wars for her services put her out of reach of even the Meiji court, he arranged for her to retire to Saga. But things in Saga had been changing since the war. Yuugiri encountered a young man passionate about bringing Saga back. But is there a Saga to bring back? And what forces have gathered to maintain the status quo?

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Episode 9: The Saga Incident, Part II

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 9: The Demon Of Hibiya

In Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 9, “The Saga Incident, Part 2,” events begin to pick up speed — faster than Kiichi Momozaki can keep up. He has new and powerful friends, but they seem to have a different view of how to restore Saga. Meanwhile, Shoujirou Itou became increasingly angry about the fliers Kiichi and friends posted. Why did he warn Kiichi to be careful? Why did he warn Yuugiri? And what the heck was that medicine that Yuugiri gave the old man who claimed to be Saga?

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Episode 10: The SAGA of How These Zombies Will Get Their Revenge

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10: Of Men And Zombies

In Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 10, “The SAGA of How These Zombies Will Get Their Revenge,” we learn more about what happened in the events leading up to the disaster at Ekimae Rudosan Stadium (EFS). That includes the special significance the venue had for AiKoutarou’s announcement that he had book the stadium had well-documented results, including a twenty million yen debt. We saw in this season’s episode 1 how the idols had to get jobs. In this episode, we find out that the idea to apply their own makeup came from an unlikely source — or maybe it was obvious all along! Finally, we learn something very, very interesting from the old bartender: something that sets the stage for the final episodes of the season. Assuming the idols survive until then!

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Episode 11: All It Takes Is For You To Be There SAGA

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 11: They’re Bitey! And Dangerous!

In Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 11, “All It Takes Is For You To Be There SAGA,” Sakura woke up to a perfectly normal day. Well, at least it started normally with Tae chewing on her head. Then she discovered that she felt almost seasick. This being the first time she’d felt ill since becoming a zombie, she went to search for Koutarou. She couldn’t find him, but what she did find on the way might have been the biggest shock she’d received since realizing she was a zombie. 

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Episode 12: The Greatest SAGA in History

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 12: Eternal And Unstoppable

In Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 12, “The Greatest SAGA in History,” Franchouchou faces the reality of trying to put on a show in a disaster-stricken Saga. First, Koutarou has to convince the Governor to prioritize infrastructure in the area around the arena. Second, Franchouchou has to practice so they have a show to put on. Third, they have to get from the shelter to the arena! And those are only the start of their problems. Do they have any hope at all of pulling this off? And what happens to Saga if they can’t?

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